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  1. Hi all! I am looking at getting official TWRP support for the P9 (as I have for the Honor 7). I have a working build - tree is here - - however we are not 100% there yet. Please note the following caveats: This build does not support encryption, so you cannot access the /data partition. I am working on this (it's a biggie), but it's also not an easy fix USB OTG is untested The P9 encrypts /data by default (being a shipping Marshmallow device, this is normal), so although the recovery can go official without encryption support, it's not ideal. Watch this space. In the meantime, you can download a test version of the recovery below for rooting, flashing TWRP, backing up partitions except data etc. DOWNLOAD - twrp-3.0.2-0-eva-modaco-test1.img - MD5: 2ff0912f9b45705fef5e64f9d3199ffc P
  2. If you have modified your device, are still on Lollipop and you'd like to revert your UK device back to complete stock, then you can use this package. Download the zip, extract and put on a microSD (preversing the dload/UPDATE.APP structure). Turn off your device, plug it into a charger (but not a computer) then, with the microSD inserted, tap the power button while holding volume up and volume down. The update will apply and you will be back to bone stock B130. Your device WILL be wiped. DOWNLOAD - - MD5: 8b68a8f63986c2a56130c78b67c6d9b3 P
  3. Official: TWRP Recovery for Honor 7

    And we're official! P
  4. Official: TWRP Recovery for Honor 7

    Happy days! :) P
  5. Official: TWRP Recovery for Honor 7

    I wonder if there is an error on your SD. Can you try a different one? P
  6. Official: TWRP Recovery for Honor 7

    Updated to test2 with 3rdmodem fix and USB OTG support. P
  7. I've been working on creating the basic device tree needed to get the latest TWRP built for our Honor 7s and most importantly, accepted as an official TWRP recovery. Edit: We're now official! Download from the TWRP website. P
  8. I'm pleased to post the first release of my custom kernel. Going forward this will be integrated into MoDaCo Custom ROM also, but it is also available to flash separately if you choose, for example for use with the stock ROM. Points to note... This kernel is ready-patchedfor root and SELinux permissive by default I have patched the Honor kernel source from 3.10.86 to the latest 3.10.101 release The kernel is compilled with the UBER toolchain, version 4.9 The stock kernel source is available in this repo at Bitbucket, the MCK source is available in this repo at Bitbucket Details on how to build your own kernel are available in this topic The kernel is in the usual update zip format, so flash using TWRP. And enjoy! Let me know if you have any feature requests, or of course any issues. DOWNLOAD - MD5:2bc17a7afc6f3de46dafc2c81566b9dd P
  9. How to build the kernel for your Honor 7

    I've patched the kernel from .86 to .101. All working well! :) P
  10. How to build the kernel for your Honor 7

    I've patched the kernel from .86 to .101. All working well so this is likely to be in the next release. P
  11. How to build the kernel for your Honor 7

    A quick note on building with the 4.9 toolchain - basically, the boot image that gets created is too big. This can be resolved by deleting unnecessarily PNGs in ramdisk/res/images/charger. P
  12. Honor 7 Marshmallow Root image [B330]

    Link fixed! P
  13. Those 'locks' don't survive reboots either do they? P
  14. r4.1 - MoDaCo Custom ROM - Honor 7 PLK-L01

    Hurrah! :) P
  15. r4.1 - MoDaCo Custom ROM - Honor 7 PLK-L01

    Are you using the dload on SD card method? WITHOUT a USB cable plugged in? P

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