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Update: BlindLemon Font Installer : Enable Fonts

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People doubted it could be done...Oh how silly they must feel...
Version 1.02 Released 11 March 2003:
NEW: now installs shortcut to startup folder instead of registry - most people seem to find this works better.
NEW: Automatically closes after 4 secs if no user input occurs ( better for boot time - the utility will now close instead of staying open )
NEW: Processes xml files in Fonts folder - this means skin designers can include an xml file in their releases which changes the system font - OR end users can use this method for updating the system font registry.
NEW: Now lists installed fonts on screen (typeface names - helpful for making sure you get the right name in the registry)
To upgrade just install this CAB - it will automatically uninstall any previous version.

This utility installs a shortcut into the startup folder and enables most TTF fonts (which you place in the Fonts folder) for use in homescreens / system fonts etc...
(E200 = Storagewindowsfonts
SPV = IPSMWindowsFonts)
see screen shot for example...
if you want to use a new font in a homescreen you will need to :
1. install this utility
2. copy the font file (e.g. xxx.ttf ) to Fonts folder
3. edit your homescreen - changing references to font nina to your new font name
4. run this utility
5. change to some other homescreen and back again
if you want to use a new system font you will need to :
1. install this utility
2. copy the font file (e.g. xxx.ttf ) to Fonts folder
3. edit the supplied SystemFontSettings.xml file (installed in Program FilesBlindLemon folder by default) changing references to "Century Gothic" to whatever your font is called THEN copy the file into your Fonts folder. ( OR edit the registry HKLMSystemGDISYSFNT change the value "nm" from nina to your new font typeface name )
4. run this utility and select "Install XML" from the menu.
5. reboot
Some people have struggled with editing the sysfnt key in the registry - you might be able to do it with activesync and rapiconfig.exe - i have attached a copy of rapiconfig and a sample xml config file, but version 1.02 of this utility should work for you.
How to use RapiConfig:
1. Extract the .rar file into c:rapi
2. Open a dos prompt in c:rapi
3. edit the supplied xml for your chosen typeface name
4. type: RapiConfig.exe /p registry.xml
you should get an output file which matches your input xml if it has worked.
Version 1.01 Released:
new: now can self-install to bootup registry (I hope) version 1.01
Version 1.00 Released:
new: now works with smartphone 2002 and 2003 !

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