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How TO: Setup Internet over GPRS on Laptop via MPx220

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Anyone know what settings/instructions I need to use to get this email downloading working on Vodafone to my C500?


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could someone post a link to the modem driver??Thxx..

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DNS 1:  <-- specific to the east coast, if it doesnt work try leaving it blanks
DNS 2:  (see note above for DNS 1)


I discovered while travelling from Boston to Philadelphia, that if the DNS settings are configured as above, I can not connect my laptop using DUN. I craps out with a PPP protocol error.

However, if I change the DNS settings to both be it will register and work properly. The actualy phone GPRS part didn't seem to be affected (the phone could still get eMail, etc.) but connecting a laptop over bluetooth using GPRS was.

Hope it helps someone else out there. T-Mobile of course was clueless when I called them to ask why it was doing this. Ah well.

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Was a silent lurker but did want to thank you as i have the device now working as a modem. If i may, a brief amendment to your suggestion. What worked for me is not your suggestion but:

This can be seen at http://www.ppcw.net/...id=1369&catid=4

My humble apologies of the 'bad netticate' for linking to another website. i did not write the above article, have no relation/financial/etc to it.

Basically, used YOUR settings for username and password BUT used AT+cgdcont=1,"IP","WAP.CINGULAR","",0,0    .  Also, there was no need to make ANY changes to the MPx220 config on the Cingular phone itself (with newest firmware). The phone itself was already configured properly. All i needed to do was enable the Modem Link on the phone and then plug in the Data Cable to my computer that already had the proper MPx220 modem driver as supplied from the Motorola website at http://www.motorola....h/default.shtml

Hope this all makes sense, just trying to help.

Enjoy the Music,

Steven R. Rochlin


I have been trying but it says "no dial tone" when i try to establish the connection with the given parameters, I have tried them all. any suggestions?

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Veeeery helpful post. Wasted seeeeveral hours trying to get my Cingluar 2125 to work with their Communication Manager app but it never seems to see the Phone. In less than 5 minues I was able to connect using the posted configuration and Surf the Web.

Does anyone know if there is any value in this app? It does mention Acceleration.


OMG FINALLY!!!! IT WORKED!!! wow FINALLY i was on a binge for like 2 days figuring this out.. heres what I did
Installed Motorola USB driver (*supplied on cd, or website here HERE )
created a Dial up connection through windows (XP sp2)
phone number = *99#
username: [email protected]
password: CINGULAR1
Next go to Control Panel>
Phone and Modems>
click on Motorola USB ... >
Properties > Advanced tab >
type +CGDCONT=1,"IP","apn_name" (*Replacing apn_name with your APN like WAP.CINGULAR <<NOTICE THE UPPERCASE!)
DONE try to connect.. worked for me! (mpx220 cingular CA w/laptop XP sp2)
############ GPRS Settings for your Phones ###########
You dont need to set any of this if your GPRS already works on your phone. This is only reference for those who forget settings or have phones setup w/different carriers than provider currently on phone.
Cingular GPRS Setup on MPx220 ----------------------
GPRS settings:
Hit WebAccess
Hit Web Sessions
Hit Menu and New
Change as follows:
Name: Cingular GPRS
Homepage: http://device.home
Service Type 1: WAP (capital letters)
Gateway IP 1:
Port 1: 9201
Domain 1: Blank
Service Type 2: WAP (capital letters)
Gateway IP 2: all zeros
Port 2: 9201
Domain 2: Blank
DNS 1: All zeros
DNS 2: All zeros
Timeout: 15 minutes
CSD No 1: 14152441012
Username: [email protected] (must be in all caps)
Password: CINGULAR1 (again all caps)
Speed (BPS): 9600
Line type 1: ISDN
Csd no 2: Blank
Username 2: Blank
Password 2: Blank
Speed (Bps): 9600
Line type2: ISDN
Gprs apn: wap.cingular (all lower case)
username: [email protected] (all upper case)
Password: CINGULAR1 (all caps)
Click in DONE
After this, you will be able to see the name "Cingular GPRS" listed on Web
Session. Highlight that name and click on the middle button. Select "Set
Default" and press select.
MMS Settings:
Hit Menu
Select Messages
Hit Menu (middle button) on Create Message
Select Message Setup
Hit Change on MMS Message Setup
Select Server Info
Hit Menu (middle button) on a selected profile
Select New
Change as follows:
Service Name: Cingular MMS
Server Name: http://mmsc.cingular.com
Web Session Name: Cingular GPRS (Hit change, choose and select "Cingular
Click in Done

ATT Wireless -------------------------------
I found this on another board:

Step 2: WAP/GPRS Settings
2: Set Homepage URL to http://home
3: Set Security to Non-Secure
4: Set Bearer to GPRS
5: Set IP Address to
6/7: Make sure username and password are blank
8: Set APN to 'proxy' without the ' marks
Step 3: MMS Settings
2: Set Connection URL to http://mmsc.mobile.attwireless.net/
3: Set Security to Non-Secure
4: Set IP Address to
5/6: Make sure username and password are blank
7: Set APN to Proxy (note capital P)

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Maybe this is not topic for this thread, but does anyone know how to set internet over GPRS on Linux with Motorola mpx220?

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