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Give us a break

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Honest John

Honest John


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Nothing like reading agood old verbal punch up on a wet Sunday afternoon.

I think that Pinky 123 is probably more closer to this than most of the posters - except other CS reps. So, in prespective, his job is being jeopardised with comments that slag of and could harm Orange, the rest of us just use Orange as a phone service, of which there are several. So, no problems in defending your company.

And many CS guys are excellent, but I have to say that Orange for a while have had a real succession of less qualified CS guys and in the early days of Smartphones...........................forget it!

What Pinky really needs to look at through less rose tinted spectacles, though (that was nearly a joke) id the cold hard facts.
Are Orange losing customers? It would appear that they are.
Are they profitable customers? Some certainly are.
Are they signing up new ones? Talking to CPW guys and other High St stores, the new plans are
difficult to sell.

What will happen to the job if customers depart in droves?

However emotive the language on the posts, put that to one side. I have been a member of Modaco forum for many years. I have never seen so many posts complaining about Orange. never. They can't all be wrong. Sure enough, there have been the odd posts slagging off all networks ( and the Onestpphoneshop!!!) over the years, but recently, this has been a flood against Orange.

What Orange CS guys should be doing, is printing these message, copying the URLs and forwarding them on to top management to get competitive and whoever hires and monitors the CS to weed out the poor ones who are giving the rest of you a bad name (I agree that the late shift are usually very good. Do they keep the best ones for the late shift to work with less supervision?)

Anyway, we need Orange to get back to what they were. We need 2 good challengers to O2 and Vodafone, both of whome somehow just don't do it for met, although O2's latest special of 750 minutes, a great phone all for ?35 per month seems to be a step in the right direction.

So, here's to a rethink at Orange!

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Good post honest john and sums it up nicely for both "sides" :)

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I gotta agree with Mono here guys, whether or not Orange's service has deteriorated over the past few years, and whatever you're personal experiences have been, doesn't mean everyone should start taking it out on this guy, I think it's fair enough that he posted what he did, if I was an honest Orange employee and came across this forum, I might've have started a similar topic.
There are enough thread's slagging Orange off and to hear the other point of view is refreshing, and I don't think we should be supressing other people's views with agressive replies, let's try to keep this topic flame free from now on. :)

Thank you!!
I never stared this post to offend anyone,but as i said in a previous reply that it seems like everyone is out to bad mouth us. I like nothing more than to sort a customers problem out and to end the call thinking that i have done everything i could to help them. To get a customer on the phone who cheers you up and makes you happy is fantastic. I even enjoy getting a call that starts with the caller wanting to escalate but sorting the problem out myself and then getting thanked at the end of it.
Yes Impy, if someone mocked my accent i would be spitting blood, it is disgusting and i would have been on here to say about it. There is no need to take out your frustrations out on the customer who only called in because h/she has a problem. What sort of advertisement is that for the company you work for.

I am sorry if i offended anyone.
Live long and prosper

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Pinky - I've worked in a variety of high-pressure positions, often being required to offer 'good customer support' to those who are genuinely extremely cheesed-off.

More often than not, I've been limited in my response to complaints and/or concerns expressed by these service users due to the systems used by the Company I worked for (ie I might well have been able to resolve issues there and then but for a variety of reasons have had to let it sit for 24-48 hours as dictated by Company Policy). As a rule, the service user has no real beef with me personally. However, as the Company's representative, I would be on the receiving end of 'vented spleens' every other working day (and often by telephone on my weekends off!)

Regardless of how cheesed-off or aggressive these people were, I was required to provide a helpful attitude, even when these people were venting highly expressed emotion in an inappropriate manner.

My impartial suggestion is to develop a 'professional detachment'. Orange is not your Company, you don't write the rule book. You are required to follow these rules, however, which can cause untold frustration and annoyance to yourself and your customers. You can only do your best within the Company's policy framework. It's not you people are getting at, but the recent, perceived changes at Orange.

Sit back a bit, let the stress wash over you and take strength from it - before it takes it's toll on your heart :)

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