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Existing Customers Ripped off On Service Plans

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Orange, and exisitng customers let me tell you my tale of woe. I have been a customer of Orange for over 10 years both as business customer and a private individual. I estimate that I have spent over £25,000 in bills, upgrades and everything else that you have to pay for, for the use of celluar network. Now here comes the push.

24 months ago I took a business contract out (long before they renamed them after stupid animals) mine was a 500 minutes cross network, and they threw in another 500 mins at night along with some stupid amount of texts, and for me a high amount of data access. Great I thought (then) they gave me a smart new SPV 500 phone with a load of toys, at the time one of the smallest windows based phones and I thought I was made, I even got a car kit fitted the works. I had insurance all bases covered or so I thought.......

Roll the story on around 10 months, suddenly my SPV starts to loose all of its settings if the battery runs down, then on the screen a couple of pixels blow (that I can put up with), the re setting of the date and settings however is starting to become a pain. I rang Orange customer service (first mistake) as was told that it would be quicker to get the phone sent to HTC direct and they would fix it. 3 weeks later HTC told me that the a firmware upgrade sent by Orange had rendered the phone in this position and that Orange should fix it. Guess what Orange then forgot the cobversation about HTC, and told me that I had now made the repair chargable, after much shouting down the phone and once getting cut off from customer services. We came to the following compromise.

My phone would not be fixed and I would have to endure this until the contract finished on the 12th Jan 2007. Fantastic :)

Then the phone developed another nasty fault it resent any texts at random oh yeah and then it would switch and reboot also. After a record 2 hour phone call to I think every employee at Orange they agreeded a simple soloution. They would not charge me for the texts at all regardless of the amount, however they would not change my phone. I then engaged, a solicitor and a more favourable compromise was reached with no court required. I would be given a N50 nokia phone for the rest of the contract free albeit with a new number and guess what I could keep the SPV500 fantastic, now I had a number no one knew and a phone that was a much use as a chocolate frog, I was still paying £55.00 up to this point.

In the last 6 months of my contract I rang Orange at least once a week to ask them of anything more practical could be done. Nothing, not a dam thing.

Now the icing on the cake, when I called on Friday 12th to change my handset, I reckoned that with the contract that I was on and the amount of money I had spent, with contract costs and phone costs, that I would pick up the SPV3100 for a low cost, or even free. Guess what, ORange calculate the cost of the upgrade on the last 3 months of useage, as I was using the "free phone" I had not spent a penny with them so they advised me the upgrade cost was £250.00 plus some additional costs.

Exsisting customer, 25,000GBP spent, 10 years of loyalty, through bad and good, and I get shafted by them. Loyalty counts for jack, custom counts for nothing at all.

Bottom line, I cancelled all my contracts personal and business with them, I then went online, purchase the HTC unbranded handset along with 3 others for the people that work for me from Expansys, I received them this morning, I then fitted them with 3 SIMS through Vodafone on contract only with all the services I need. Okay the HTC Hermes cost me a little more, but Expansys gave me the other three Nokia N73 free as a goodwill and I didnt pay postage.

Advice stuff the companies and do it yourself.


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Hi All,

This is my Rant!!! ;)

I've been waiting ages for the P3600/Trinity/SPV M700 to be released on Orange, and when it finally was `they' didnt want to sell it to me because I wasn't a new customer! So I waited another 3 weeks....

When it was finally released, I was told I would have to pay £129.99 for it (they supposedly gave me a £70 discount even though its free for new customers), and be put on a £35 per month contract for 18 months! So I started looking elsewhere...

After doing the math, Expansys' deal was the best value: Vodafone Anytime 200+250 £30 per month for 12 months, and £125 for the phone. I asked Orange to just match it - and not even beat the deal, and they wouldnt/couldnt. I wanted to stay with Orange because i've been with them for over 10 years, ?possibly 14? (and at one point I was a `loyalty customer' for spending so much on my bill) and illogically thought this fact would hold some weight.

I'm with Vodafone now, and not tied in to an 18 month contract. (I like new toys :D ). It seems nowadays, you're better changing networks. Loyalty holds no value with Orange at least - I dont know about other networks.


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