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Wizard....(UK T Mobile Vario)

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I'm just coming up to 12 months with the Vario from T Mobile, and have run into a bit of a strange problem, which has now happened twice...Christmas and yesterday.
The problem is with the 2gb memory card, (or the phone itself ?), in as much that at least two thirds of the data has mysteriously disappeared...and no, I didn't delete anything. After shopping, turned it back on to run Tom Tom v6, and it came up with 'No Maps'...which I knew to be untrue. Going into File Explorer, sure enough, there was not a lot left on the card. Getting back home I did a restore, (luckily backed it up just last week.) and everything is now back to normal. I've also now created a second back up card, which I suppose I can keep in the car somewhere, just in case.
The first time this happened was over Christmas...and we just had to be over 500 miles from home...very annoying, and had to rely on the rubbish Honda in built sat nav.
Anybody any ideas ? Or who to turn to ? Thanks.

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i have had this problem and it seamed to be linked to letting the battery die and turning the phone back on with the card inserted. it also has something to do with having the PIE cache on the mem card. usually if my phone goes completely dead i will remove the card before plugging it into the wall and turning the phone on. once the phone is booted i will then reinsert the mem card. Haven't had a problem since (knock on wood).

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I couldn't help seeing your issue as I bought a TMobile MDA (USA) about a month ago and recently found this wonderful site. Anyway, I bought a 4GB Mini SD Card from ebay and it's been an interesting experience. I don't want to bore everyone with the details but it turned out my card is counterfeit. After emailing SanDisk directly, they provided me with a web site specific to SD cards (www.SDcard.org). This is THE SD memory card sites of all sites and I think you can even contact them through the site with questions. I'll paste the info below and you can see the site and the end of the message. After you visit the site and click on the ABOUT US hyperlink, you'll understand why this site is the authority.

The following is direct from SanDisk Corp.:
MiniSD cards only go up to 2 GB irregardless of brand. This is because in order for 4 GB miniSD cards to be manufactured, they should conform to the 2.00 SDA specifications. Hence, if they do, they no longer fall into the category of MiniSD, instead they are categorized as MiniSDHC. Please take note that SanDisk does not manufacture 4 GB SD cards and above, whether they are SD, miniSD or microSD.

Another thing which you might want to take note of is compatibility and usage. Please be aware that 4 GB SD cards without the SDHC logo does not conform to the SDA 2.00 specifications. This would mean that they the host device might malfunction if these cards are used.

For any other in-depth specifications about SD cards, please direct your inquiries to the SD Association. You may visit their website at www.SDcard.org.

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The memory loss on sd cards is a known phenomen and a bit of a pain in the backside tbh

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