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Simultaneous GPRS data transfer & Voice call

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:) I have an MDA C3. When web & walk is transferring internet Data and a call comes in, the phone does not ring. It goes directly to the voicemail.

T-Mobile customer service tell me that this is correct as you can either transfer internet data or make a call.

Is that right? I thought that was with WAP which is analagous to dial-up. Surely GPRS is analagous to Broadband.

Anyone else want to try this:

Go to Web & walk home page. Attempt loading up the guardian page (This will take a while). Whilst this is loading, call your phone number and see if it rings or goes direct to VM.

I spend lots of time browsing so I must be losing lots of calls! :P

Feedback greatly appreciated.

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Thats's the difference between 3G and 2G..

with 3G you can do both.. but with GPRS it's one or the other

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Thats's the difference between 3G and 2G..

with 3G you can do both.. but with GPRS it's one or the other

it depends on the Class of GPRS operation.

Class A
Can be connected to GPRS service and GSM service (voice, SMS), using both at the same time. Such devices are known to be available today.
Class B
Can be connected to GPRS service and GSM service (voice, SMS), but using only one or the other at a given time. During GSM service (voice call or SMS), GPRS service is suspended, and then resumed automatically after the GSM service (voice call or SMS) has concluded. Most GPRS mobile devices are Class B.
Class C
Are connected to either GPRS service or GSM service (voice, SMS). Must be switched manually between one or the other service.

this is clipped straight from the Wikipedia article on GPRS but it saves me writing it out in my own words!! Lathough having stated all this, my Nokia6230i is a pain the arse for not passing calls when on a BT/GPRS modem session to the laptop.

its also the main reason i want the bug fixed in the Vox that means it suddenly brings up a GPRS session for no apparent reason - i'm not sure if i've been missing calls!

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Hmm, it seems to be working for me. I was loading guardian, then rang this phone from my other mobile phone. It used my ringtone and said " incoming call " and showed the number. I have web n walk. However, when I clicked preview of this reply and then rang this phone, it went to vm as the page loaded. Tried once again, clicked preview and as it said " opening... " I saw " incoming call ". Seems to do a bit of both.

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    Did I say that out loud?

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With T-Mobile and O2 in the UK (and possibly others too, I can't tell) you can have GPRS connected and make a call at the same time, but if the GPRS is active then it can't make/take a call.

Because most traffic is short bursts you'll often find that calls can come through, but it's not guaranteed - depends on exactly what the phone is doing at that precise moment.

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