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S710 or Vario?

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Ive got A bit of a dilemma, I live in the hertfordshire are round Hertford and Hoddeseston, and go to a boarding school, which blocks out non school laptops from accsessing the network. Now, Ive heard the T-Mobile coverage round sg13 is crap (people in meh school say so) and Vodaphone is better. Ive got 2 choices, Get the HTC s710 (What a smexy phone!) on vodaphone, and get the data plan (7.50 a month for 150mb of data on the £25 a month plan) and just use the phone for internet, and I know I will get decent coverage. Or get the T-mobile Vario (I might be able to get the second, but I can only go for the £20 Flext, Handset price for vario 2= £100 :S) and get web and walk plus and use my phone through the laptop as well.

I really like The HTC S710, but ive heard that vodaphones CS is, well... rubbish, and for £7.50 on t-mobile I can get 2gb worth of data... and for £12.50 I can get 3gb and use it on my lappy....
Please note that I would be using the data for msn and surfing almost every evening!
Thanks in advance!

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