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Battery Woes... help !!

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Hi guys,

I've searched this forum and browsed through some topics but can't seem to find the answer to my question.

I have an 8125, and everything was fine up until 1 month ago. One day, I went to charge my phone because the battery was at 47%, so I plugged the phone into the wall charger. A solid orange light came on, followed by blinking orange light. I thought it was strange because in the past when I would charge the phone, the light would stay solid so long as it was plugged in, and it would gradually turn green as it was charging.

I checked on it a few hours later, and the light was still flashing orange. It said the battery was 100%. I unplugged the phone and it gave me warning that the battery was critically low and needed to shut down. So I did shut down the phone, and tried to charge it again. No luck. Over the past 1 month I've been trying to figure this problem out. I came to the conclusion that I must've drained the battery too low, so now it wasn't keeping the charge anymore.

I purchased a brand new battery for this phone, and plopped it in (phone powered off). As soon as I plugged it into the wall charger, I got the same solid orange light (but just for a few seconds) and then blinking orange. I left it plugged in for a couple of hours, it said the battery was 100%. I unplugged it and it still said 100%, but still flashing orange. I put it back on the charger, for a few more hours. I unplugged it again, and this time it gave me the low battery warning. Each time I plug it in to the wall charger it does the same thing, and on the system battery screen it shows the battery rapidly charging and then says 100% (but it's not!) Then when I unplug it, it complains.

What to do? <_<

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