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HTC Raphael vs Samsung i900

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Sounds like you haven't tried any of the decent ROM's on XDA... Otherwise you'd simply look at the Omnia and laugh. (The Resolution alone should be a killer for anyone considering it - My Phone 2 years ago had the same resolution screen!)

Alot of the Touch Pro ROM's are bad, many don't even have half-decent 3D Drivers. So please flash a decent one, try out some of the many useful Touch Pro Specific Utilities.

Sorry if I sound too biased against the Touch Pro, but personally I think its a brilliant phone and to me the Omnia is equal to the TyTN 2 that my Touch Pro just replaced.

I used a lot of cooked ROMs on both phones, but there are still a lot of issues on the HTC like GPS is s*** no matter what I try or Contacts are dissapearing when I connect the phone to a computer without WMDC/AS

And resolution is only one thing... Smaller resolution + faster CPU means: even faster phone (and there is the T-omnia if you want 800x480). And the 3D drivers the ROM builders put into their phones are from the omnia (which has good 3D capabilities but unfortunatley only D3D and not OGLES)...

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seems like u have a defective samsung omnia or not an omnia at all !!!
first of all the omnia is just like any other WM device except for the widget touchwiz UI. i have been using wm devices for some time now and i can say that the omnia is not one of the worst. i own an eteg g500+, eten x600, HTC diamond,Omnia i900,and a friend of mine has the HTC touch PRO, tried this as well and the omnia sits in the highest end category of PDAs.
regarding the battery life of the omnia, u can play music with it for at least 15 hours, of course u have to switch off the screen or let it dimm off by itself unless u need to constantly keep looking at the screen when u are listening to music,, for reasons that only u will know!!!

if u would like to talk nonsense abt the Omnia, i suggest u go to another section of the forum or even better another forum because proud owners of the Omnia are using this forum for constructive purposes not to trash about it.
So unless u have something to contribute to the usage and knowledge abt the Omnia, please feel free to go somewhere else to talk nonsense.

:) :D
What you mean, non-sense and seems like u have a defective samsung omnia or not an omnia at all !!! & like to talk nonsense abt the Omnia

You ask for advice, I give you my advice. The battery life is suck on that phone, it is worse than the Touch pro. I am not trash the omnia, but this is my experenice when I have that phone.

If you do not agree, that is fine. I do not care. But do not talk trash to me. :) ;)

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Well here's my two pence worth....

I've been living with the Omnia for the past 8 months and it is a great device - particularly with the HTC Manila2D rom installed. Fantastic piece of kit......apart from one thing. USB charging....or lack of it!

I've tried various USB chargers and car chargers for use in the car and every one I have tried fails to charge the phone while I'm using GPS - the battery will slowly drain even though it indicates that it is charging. This makes using TomTom on a long journey impossible and the main reason why I am looking at getting rid of my Omnia. A real shame because apart from this issue I've had no other real issues with it. But not being able to use my GPS equipped phone for GPS is a real killer for me. So I'm considering either the Diamond, Touch Pro or Xperia as a replacement. Put simply...

If you don't use GPS - Omnia is a great device and highly recommended
If you use GPS (particularly in the car) - forget it....look elsewhere.

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