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Windows Mobile 6.5 Kitchen

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now ...another problem...the system STARTED but....it says DownloadAgent.exe cannot be opened...and it says in the corner....Beta expires: 05.01.2010.....even though the shell is patched I think.....what the problem???

there are more problems.....most apps that were in the EXT folder were not flashed even though it should be in the pda.bin when I check the log.....
a lot of links are not working when I click for example smartconverter link in the start menu it says....exe is not available or is not signed with valid certificate....however, when I click on the exe it is starting.....

annoying is also that the screen was flackering the first few minutes.....

so what about the lost apps in the EXT....do I have a wrong initflashes.dat?

I can answer your query on the beta notice:


It seems there were some broken shortcuts, but that's a strange issue. Did you check that you have the SQM folder in sys?

As for the EXT problem, maybe you can post a screenshot of your folder tree, maybe someone here can help. I use Visual Kitchen and there should be 2 subfolders under EXT e.g. EXT\M2D\HTC....\

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