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I just got a Verizon HTC Touch Pro2. It's great...does everything I need and a lot more.

There's one thing it really lacks, and that's kind of important for me...a Control key on the keyboard. Why? I use PocketPutty and it's kind of hard to break a program (CTRL+C) or disconnect screen (CTRL+A,D) without having a control key. I can't find the default Windows SIP keyboard, it came with a HTC compact and full keyboard. Neither appears to have a CTRL key. As a computer science student, I plan on using this regularly with programs like vim, pico, pine, etc. so that's really critical. I remapped vim so I can live without escape, I could live with cut for CTRL+X, but I need the CTRL+A at a minimum.

In an effort to find something that can work, I stumbled onto Pocket CM Keyboard v0.23 beta. It has links for copy/paste which can be used for breaking programs but I really, really need CTRL+A. Supposedly this version can be customized but I've been unsuccessful thus far and there seems to be limited documentation and no sample files I can experiment with.

Either just mapping something (like holding "p") to a subpanel or a custom skin that has just unix-type control keys (CTRL+every key, and maybe escape and tab keys if that's possable). I think I need at least CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+Z, CTRL+V (by order of priority) - and they could be displayed by ^A, ^C, ^X, ... on the keyboard map

Can anyone help me?

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