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[KERNEL][OC/UV][BFQ][AUFS][FTW][GPL] HCDR.Kernel v4.1 || Flash to any ROM

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I am pleased to announce that from now on I will be working with ralle.gade too! He is a kernel dev with a lot more experience than me who can hopefully bring us some really cool stuff ;)

Hey guys,

I've made this thread to share with you my kernel for the Wildfire. It is based on HTC's own kernel, however I have added patches specific to FroYo (to enable sd-ext support, stop screen flicker, enable touchsctreen). It also features overclock to 768MHz. The kernel was built for the upcoming CM6 ROM which I am working on.

You can get the source here. To build it, navigate to the source directory and run the following command:
make arch=ARM subarch=ARM cyanogen_wildfire_defconfig

You can then run
make arch=ARM subarch=ARM
to compile the kernel.

You will get a zImage which you can then add to a boot.img for a ROM, as well as a bcm4329.ko WiFi module to be added to /system/lib/modules

I recommend that only developers try this (for now anyway) and the rest of you wait for the devs to release an OC kernel for their ROM.

I have attached a prebuilt zImage (kernel) and wifi module in a zip folder. DO NOT TRY TO FLASH THIS. It is not a flashable zip, but the resources necessary for devs to make a patch of this for their ROM.

The v4 zip attached below can be flashed to ANY ROM without any negative consequences. For devs, the zImage and WLAN module can be found inside if you wish to use it as standard kernel in your ROM.

Changelog - v2:
*Added Ext4 support

Changelog - v3:
*Added BFQ Scheduler (by ralle.gade)
*Added undervolt (by ralle.gade)
*Other patches by ralle.gade (more details can be found in source)
*ralle.gade took yo' 19MHz

Changelog - v4:
*Added AUFS overlay (by ralle.gade) - adb shell or terminal emulator "aufs --enable" to activate system r/w
*Added interactive CPU scheduler. (by ralle.gade)
*ralle.gade gave back yo' 19MHz
*Added newer Wireless driver (with Wireless-N support) (by me)
*Hidden easter egg (unintentionally added by me) - Only works if your ROM has the necessary files (I'm looking at you, adeadrat :P)

Changelog - v4.1:
*Set default freq. to 245-518 MHz - Should fix booting problems for some people

Known bugs:
*No WiFi on Sense 2.2 ROMs (Blame HTC)

If you'd like to donate, use the link in my signature or above my avatar. You can also donate to ralle.gade here. It would be much appreciated :P

Thanks to:
*adeadrat - for informing me that the OC actually works
*HTC - for releasing their kernel source
*Google & The Android Team - for developing android and making it open source
*Linus Torvalds - Starting development of the open-source linux kernel.

Have a nice day,

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Maintainer of CyanogenMod 7 for ZTE Blade and HTC Wildfire.

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Thanx man, the HCDR Kernel works beautifully!!!
(HTC Wildfire, Modaco ROM cooked)

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