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How to Downgrade from WM6.5 to WM6.1???

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i hav a Samsung Omnia i900 wm6.1 phone wonderful, i just bought the omnia 2 (i8000) (both factory unlocked) but the omnia 2 comes with wm6.5 ...which after about a full 10 seconds of using i prefer 6.1 better (makes it look more like a pc) i looked throught the settings and found now uninstall or anything like that so is there away for me to downgrade from wm6.5 to 6.1???? i've asked this at sumsung omnias form and no1 could really help me since most ppl are trying to upgrade their phones but i would like to downgrade for my peace of mind. youtube n google have failed me i've seen how to flash and how to back up but non of them for the Omnia 2 so if anyone could help i'd like to try to :

back up my phone (rom) just incase
and then i guess flash 6.1 on to the phone ...

if there is no way to downgrade can som1 at least tell me how to just put 6.1 one it in place of 6.5 ...catch my drift?

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