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help pls:- my phone no longer will go into recovery mode via holding down the volume button! i would like to install a new rom :(

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Just Wondering

************************* NOW FIXED , by using method one and installing :- recovery-clockwork- **************************

************************* NOW FIXED , by using method one and installing :- recovery-clockwork- **************************

Help please , my phone has super accsess , the phone is running a version of 2.2 for some time (around 7 months), its a gen 1 phone oled , very early batch uk orange model....

i cannot get into recovery mode....but i could up untill today when i decided to do some updating !!!

Okay basically i was running recovery 2.5.x.x cant remember the full number......so i decided it would be a a good idea to update to the lastest version......thats where my issues seem to of begun...

today i decided to update to a new rom , but since i updated to latest recovery mod , using rom manager...i can no longer get into the recovery partition using the hold down the volume button.....

i did re-parition my new 16gb s.d card using rom manager (not sure if this has caused issues) ? i still have my old 4gb s.d card (installed untill yesterday full works nothing changed) , with either s.d card installed in the phone , i cannot get into the recovery partition via holding down the volume button on boot , or via software option to boot into recovery mode....it just sits on the green android logo......

my problem seemed to start when i installed rom manager and updated to the latest recovery version

The phone will still boot and work normally...

things i have tried :-

1) i refollowed this to reinstall the recovery mode , everything went fine , but i'm still not able to get into recovery mode.


the file mentioned for recovery was not there so i choose what i believed was the latest version :- recovery-clockwork- and followed the instructions.

when i go back into recovery manager , it says at the bottom when it loads :- currently installed recovery unrecognized , i tried to download a older recovery file , but it would not let me update. it just states

2)i also uninstalled and then re-installed "rom manager 4" and installed the latest recovery manager , i correctly choose the zte blade to confirm my phone. after doing the above......now rom manager will not boot.

Things i have not tried :-

full system reset via settings when phone has booted.

************************* NOW FIXED , by using method one and installing :- recovery-clockwork- **************************

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Hey , i am haveing some problems here but it looks to me as i am in some deep sh** , i am using cyanscape v2 custom rom, and the recovery mode doesn't work as well , but besides that, i lost my root access to the phone, and even with z4root_blade , it won't work can you help me ? :(

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