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Definitive GT P1010

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So after following all of the forums with any info on this model of tab i noticed a lot of people asking the same questions, seeing as i have been tinkering and following devs progress I thought Id consolidate as much of the Q+A sprawled across the forums into one noob friendly place. So here goes.

What do we know?
Currently the only official roms are worldwide froyo 2.2.2 and EU gingerbread 2.3.6. The GB rom isnt out over the air everywhere yet so if your kies hasnt got the update and your feeling confident then you can pick up a copy from droidangel.blogspothttp://droidangel.bl....-original.html
With detailed instructions here http://droidangel.bl....e-samsung.html Read, reread and READ AGAIN. It isn't difficult to do as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

Noteworthy info on flashing:
7zip should be used to unrar the downloaded roms as there are issues with other archive managers, the password is samfirmware.com
If you have connection problems with Odin its most likely driver issues its best to uninstall all kies software and drivers, reboot, install latest kies and connect your device, wait for drivers to install and then reboot again,
If you decide you don't like the rom you can flash stock firmware over it to downgrade and continue to get kies updates.

Is it worth doing?
I have been using 2.3.6 now for a few days and have no issues with light to moderate use, I have noticed a better looking interface(just small cosmetic differences) much faster browsing, and my quadrant went from 750 to 1400, If you have had a different experience please post. This update unfortunately doesn't fix the video out problem or the issue with skype using the front facing camera. In my opinion it isn't an update to write home about but it is worth doing.

Can I install it on a different region of tab?<
There have been a few people who have successfully installed this rom on tabs from different regions so it is possible, If you have managed to do this please post your region and method Posted Image As for trying to flash cross region, ask here and ill do my best to help. As far as I know there are issues with installing on the Korean version due to hardware differences, more on that here http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1376440

Can gingerbread for the P1010 be rooted?
Personally I have tried Z4Root, Zergrush and SuperOneClick all of which cant get root yet, Skin1980 is however working on a cf-root kernel here http://forum.xda-dev.....php?t=1386643 which will allow clockworkmod recovery, superuser(root) and busybox, Please note that at the current time if you flash skins cf-root you will have to reflash the entire firmware if you wish to rollback, This will do no harm as long as you read the forums and have an understanding of what your doing.

This is all the useful info I have managed to find so far, hopefully it can help anyone attempting to flash this long awaited upgrade,

A BIG THANKS to all the devs working on this device!! It is much appreciated.

WARNING: Failure to read and understand the instruction can lead to your device being irreversibly damaged, The different galaxy tab firmware comes in different versions according to Country, Region and Carrier providers. It is possible to brick your phone if you flash it with the wrong firmware which doesn't match your device.

You are warned, proceed at your own risk! We are not liable to any problems you have your device. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBT IT ISN'T WORTH THE RISK.


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