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Drowned Monte Carlo is it dead?

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Hi folks,

Can I revive my phone? My Orange Monte Carlo has had a thorough soaking - and it was soaked for several hours. The phone was switched off at the time.
I have taken it apart and had left it to dryout in a container full of dried rice for two days - in a warm place. I have now put it back together.

When I first switched it on the battery seemed discharged, the phone kept beeping each time I tried to switch it on - which is what normally happens with a discharged battery, so I put the phone on charge. After a few hours the red return symbol turned green.

The following describes what happens when I have switched the phone on with what appears to be a fully charged battery:

1. When I switch it on it buzzes once and the return key goes red for about a second or two then goes off, but nothing else happens.

2. When I hold the on button and then press the volume up button the phone beeps once on release of the volume up button.

3. When I hold the on button and then press the volume down button the phone buzzes until I release the volume down button.

I have tried pressing a variety of button combinations including using the home return and menu buttons but nothing happens.

If I keep the battery in it seems to discharge.

I have also tried the above with the power cable connected but nothing other than that described in 2 & 3 happens with the exception that the phone buzzes once when the cable is connected but red light does not come on.

When I have removed the battery and then replaced it back into the phone, the phone does as described in 1. and after about 10 seconds the return button starts flashing - as though the battery is discharged.

I have also tried switching on the phone whilst it is plugged into a power supply but without the battery in. but nothing happens.

I have also connected the phone via usb to my PC (XP Professional service pack 3). The pc recognises that something is connected but the device is not recognised. When I connected it to a windows seven laptop the laptop recognised a handset, loaded drivers and assigned a drive number but I could not access the drive.

Is my phone dead?


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