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Random Self-Rebooting each 4-5 days with B926

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Have you two not finished already. You both obviously have vast android knowledge so instead of running into each other try running in the same direction.

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i read some other member saying you two never seen eye to eye or something... so guessing its not just me

At least this time you've been straight enough to declare that you're speculating. All this about brow-beating - demanding I provide developer credentials, personal slurs and gossip - what is it for? Surely theres no need for an interrogation over a simple observation and a pointer on diagnostic procedure... OK, for the record, the 'other member' is dragpyre. In a post on the Vodafone forums, he cited a thread on here where I posted some kernel modules to back up his assertion that VPN support was incomplete in Vodafone ROMs. I politely, but tersely, asked him not to misrepresent me. It was 3 posts, done and dusted; he apologised, I backed off. I doubt you notice that we wished each other well in the thread you're referring to, tillaz. It was weird to find myself defending Vodafone, but whatever, it's an irrelevance.

Did you ever stop to consider I wasn't actually trolling you and might have a valid point? Anyway, I've been trying to avoid being drawn into ad hominem nonsense and after being pushed into responding to that smear attempt, I'm even less inclined.

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