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Hello there everybody,

I've decided to finally start my own little project and do something I've been wanting to do ever since I got my very first Android device nearly 3 year ago. I'm completely new to this so it's obviously going to be a huge learning curve so bare with me.

I've set up Cygwin and the Android Kitchen and I'm basing a ROM on the debranded. I just have a few questions but any other information which could be useful (Including tutorial links etc) are much appreciated!

Firstly. When I set up my working folder there was no boot.img present in the ROM I'm basing off (Debranded stock) so it created a null one so the kitchen can operate properly, could I just use a clockworkmod img file and replace the boot file in the working folder to that and that's out the way and done or am I missing something?

Secondly, is it now just a case of adding apks in the system folder and signing them for them to be fine? And then editing files in the working folder using notepad++ to change the appearance etc of things?

Finally, any thing you can link me to so this whole process can be a bit easier on me?

Oh and could somebody explain/link me to a tutorial on how to add notification toggles to a ROM? Just did a quick Google search but nothing came up.

Thank you,


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