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SOLVED - Is there a way to Fix Locale?

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By Fix I mean to have it survive restarts or change of language then back again.
I've got G300 U8818 running Huawei factory C17B926 rom. It has two language/regions accessible from
Settings/Language&Input/Language: zh_CN and en_US, which is absolutely fine by me. I want to keep the Chinese, I travel to China and and learning the language, so I've kept all the Chinese apps. On the English side I want to get rid of degrees F, inches and miles, and that wacky mm/dd/yy date format. None of the locale managers I've tried so far from the app store will survive either a simple change from settings or a restart, ie. I have to go back into the locale manager and reset my preferred en_NZ.

Now I've edited to replace en_US with en_NZ in /system/build.prop and in /cust/unicom/cn/xml/hw_defaults.xml but the phone still falls back to en_US almost as if it's compiled into one of the binaries. Anybody know if there's another config file I've missed, or do I have to recompile something?

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I needed a Data Erase and Factory Reset, now I'll finally be happy when I find a backup system that works on stock roms and can take account of all the stupid places apps put their data between versions of GB & ICS and versions of the app ...

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