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San Diego "Post-mortem" photos... all 105 of them (silly rant removed)

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Thought I'd add my two pence worth to this :)

Having now moved on from the osd to a nexus 4 there is a big difference in build quality, but that's to be expected with the nexus 4 as it's nearly £300 (least the 16gb model) if you take into consideration the price the osd was when it was first released and compare it to the build quality, then I'd have to agree it's not the best build quality for the price, on pure hardware and power then it's pretty good.

But if you take it at it's lowest price (49:99 or was it 59:99 + the £10 top up) it's not to be sniffed at, especially with the power it has, and having worked most of my life in production related jobs, including injection moulding and various other plastics related things then it may be that it's a fault with specific production runs, the example being that some people have had no issues with the casing of the phone, whilst others have, and the same can be said for higher end phones.

To use a recent example I have the later model nexus 4 (it has the little nubs on the case) I've had no issues with the phone, but I know someone who has had their nexus 4 for two weeks and has had to send it back due to faults with the microphone and earpiece speaker, this may well be another production related fault between batches of phones, so even high(er) end phones are not imune to these types of faults, no mass produced product is, be it cars or washing machines or indeed mobile phones.

As it happens my osd, which I was going to give to my wife developed a fault where it has no signal what so ever, infact you can take the sim out, reboot the phone and it still thinks it has the sim in it, even after leaving it switched off for a while and then rebooting it still says the sim card is in the phone, everything else is fine with it, even the case, it's currently being looked at.

But such is life

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