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Removing Facebook/upgrading TouchPal?

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If I root my phone does that mean I can remove the Facebook app? Also, I liked TouchPal on my old phone but TouchPal seemed to come pre-installed except it doesn't quite function the way I'm used to and I don't seem to be able to upgrade it.

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My Hudl 2 is rooted.


If you are having problems rooting your Hudl 2, follow these instructions.

Lister Of Smeg

Lister Of Smeg


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Hi seanspotatobusiness,

Ah, I can answer this one for you... (as you helped me in the other thread)....

I assume Facebook App on this one is just an App and not tied into the OS itself, like Apple has done with iOS ? If its a pre-installed App, then you should be able to remove it once you root the phone (for which there is a guide in this forum, as well as XDA and HUKD). Once you rooted it, look for Apps that deal with System Apps, and then you should be able to remove it... Or just delete the APK with a FileManager, such as FX Explorer and look to the system partition...

Same as TouchPal, simple remove that App... And then install the proper one from the AppStore... As I noticed the G300 version of TouchPal was limited too, and nothing like the original in AppStore. Yet I only had my G300 for about a week until I sold it, so it wasnt an issue for me.... Never really tweaked my G300... Just tried all the ROMs as they were...

Cheers, Lister

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yes: Facebook is a system app on the stock ROM. as is TouchPal and Twitter and several other apps that I wouldn't necessarily have expected. You can indeed delete them with root. there's an app in Google Play called RootAppDelete that makes the process very easy. in fact, it analyses all your system apps and advises you which need to stay and which are ok to delete.

there is also an app called System Cleaner that gets rid of redundant copies of updated system apps that android leaves in place. very useful for freeing up space. :)

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