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Strong Radiation When One Bar of Cell Phone Battery Power Is Left?

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Have you heard the rumour that the cell phone had better not be used when there is only one bar of power left because the radiation in such a circumstance may be about 1000 times the intensity of that in normal circumstances. Do you believe that? :unsure:


Actually, the radiation intensity of cell phones that usually mentioned by people means the transmit power. It has nothing to do with the dump energy, while it has something to do with the signal intensity of the cell phone. The signal intensity of the cell phone is controlled by base stations which receive signals from cell phones constantly. If the signal of a cell phone is too weak to maintain communication, the base station will issue instructions to intensify the radiation of the cell phone. If the signal of a cell phone is so strong that it may cause mutual interference of cell phones, the base station will issue instructions to reduce the radiation of the cell phone. Therefore, the weaker the signal of the cell phone is, the more intense the radiation is. Maybe the creator of the rumour mixed up “one bar of battery power” and “one bar of signal”. <_<


When there is only one bar of signal left, is it possible that the radiation is 1000 times the intensity of that in normal circumstances? The answer is yes. Maybe the situation of each cell phone is not the same as others, but it doesn’t affect the conclusion.


Can the 1000-time radiation do harm to our health? The qualified cell phones comply with the industrial standard even though they are used when their radiation is the most intense. In addition, a recent epidemiological investigation shows that there is no relation between cancers and the usage of cell phones.


If you are still afraid of being harmed by the radiation, you can keep away from your phone if the signal is weak. :P

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Its all bollocks, the sars standard dictates that a phone can never, in any circumstance excede its rating, it would be an offence to do so.  Phones do pump out more rf energy in weak signal areas, but its still well within safe limits.  Also, its non-ionising radiation with a wavelength that cant affect living cells.  The only way it could theoretically damage your health (apart from the battery exploding) is by holding it tight to your ear for long periods of time so as it heats up (due to battery/chip heat, not radio emmisions) it might cause temperature inbalances leading to tissue expansion inside the skull.  Its not very likely though.

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