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test Samsung NOTE II new battery

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Replaceable batteries, is one of the major differences between Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with other current flagship Android devices. Although removable batteries are becoming increasingly scarce as industrial designers prioritize aesthetics and thinner profiles, being able to swap batteries or substitute in a larger one is still an added convenience if you absolutely need it.


I’ve been carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 alongside the HTC One since getting the two devices, and while I have a power bank for the HTC One, I didn’t really have a bigger battery solution for it. Probably my biggest use case for extended batteries is when I’m traveling, where having a bigger battery often is the difference between being able to relax and searching for an outlet in a terminal. When I saw the MPJ 8500 mAh battery mentioned on some famous cell phone forums and instantly knew I wanted to give it a try and put it through our battery life and charge test routine.


First, the MPJ 8500 mAh battery is considerably bigger than the stock EB595675LUC battery . Because energy density doesn’t change between the two (fundamentally it’s still the same 3.8V Lithium-Ion polymer), the extended battery achieves its larger capacity by increasing volume. As always, this is the tradeoff that industrial designers have to make – increasing battery capacity at present necessitates more volume dedicated to it.


The extended battery is really two pieces. The first is shaped like the stock battery and fits inside the housing, the second seems to be two larger cells above it which protrude from the back of the Note 2. As a result, the extended battery requires a different kind of battery cover entirely.


The MPJ’s battery cover isn’t so much a door as it is a rubberized case that fits on and wraps around the Note 2. It covers the volume rocker and power buttons, and imparts a somewhat squishy feel to them. There are also holes for the microphone, headphone jack, microUSB and speakers. the weight and size of the Note 2 changes with the case and extended battery installed, the question is how much. The tradeoff with the bigger battery is that the Note 2 gets considerably bigger, but not unwieldy so. It’s a big phone for sure though


I ran our normal smartphone battery life test suite on the Note 2 with the big battery installed. The tradeoff is of course an increase in charge time. Unsurprisingly charge time goes up with the MPJ batteryt, and it takes 7.5-12 hours to charge the MPJ battery from completely empty. With this much charge time, it’s clear to me that without increased charging current this is effectively the maximum practical battery size for the Note 2, given the expectation that you can plug your phone in dead when you go to sleep and wake up with it fully charged. If you’re willing to make the size and weight tradeoff and want an absolutely huge extended battery for Note II . the MPJ 8500 mAh battery seems like a pretty good choice.

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