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Recommend me a new phone.

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I sold my iPhone 4 on Ebay last week so i could buy the new Nexus 5, but after seeing the prices on release date i decided not to bother with it. When i worked out the Nexus 5 prices before setting up the iPhone's auction, i got the leaked price ($349) and converted into pounds which gave me £210 for the 16GB model. When the actual UK prices were announced, i was rather shocked because it was an extra £90 on top of what i expected to pay. I know £300 is still very good value for the new Nexus, but it's out of my budget. 


I need to get a new phone as a replacement for the iPhone, but i am unsure what to buy. I've decided to ask you guys on here for some suggestions. Below i have listed the requirements the new phone needs to meet.


Here is the criteria:


+ Must be under £200. (It can be second-hand, doesn't have to be brand new).

+ Must be rootable. (Some phones can't be rooted).

+ Must have at least a 1.3Ghz processor. (Anything less isn't really going to give me the performance i want. I had an original Nexus 7 tablet, and the speed on that was good; it had a 1.3Ghz Tegra 3).

+ Must have at least 1GB RAM. (The iPhone had 512MB, and i often had crashes while running all my jailbreak tweaks).

+ Must have at least 8MP camera. (5MP iPhone camera was good, but i want more in-depth quality to my pictures).

+ Must have 1080p video recording. (This is a critical point. I need the phone to be able to shoot high resolution video, so i can make movies at car shows which i attend, and upload the videos to my Youtube channel).

+ Must have at least a 4.0" screen. (Something really big like the Galaxy S4 would be good).


Any ideas?

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why not take a look in the china phone discussion forum.

you can geta all of your specs plus a quad core phone...


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Very happy with my Acer Liquid E2. Motorola Moto G details are out tomorrow, that should meet all of your requirements other than only a 5 mega pixel camera. I think the Acer meets all of your requirements though.

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