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Moto G -Worth the upgrade?

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Been using the Moto G for a week now, so I've had time to compare it to the San Diego.



It seems quite a bit faster, I've not done any benchmarks but real world feel is nippier

Build quality is very good at the price point.  It doesn't feel like it will fall to pieces like the SD and the buttons have a nice positive action.

Battery life is excellent, nearly twice as good as my SD

GPS actually works, unlike on my SD



Camera isnt brilliant, SD is slightly better imo

No microsd card 

No dedicated button for the camera



All in all the Moto G is a massive bargain, especially as it only cost £115 for the 16GB from Tesco.  I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a budget upgrade from the San Diego.

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Hi, I also have got the Moto G. Heres my views! and also had used the Orange San Diego!


Moto G 

The Good 

- It is an overall Better Build quality, overall!!!!!  Is ALOT BETTER ( power button 50/50)  SEE The okay! )

- Latest version, 4.3 getting 4.4 Root Rom etc ( not my thing but still for others to consider)

- Can get good cases for phone

- Cheaper to SIM unlock. compared to £20 from Orange!!!!!!  Only £2.03!!!!!!!!!

- Battery Life IS MUCH Better 4-5 Screen time on OSD    VS   5-6!! on Moto G



The Bad 

- The overall build quality is better BUT i still feel the power button is "poor" its like the OSD but on the right hand side and slightly bigger its not 100% solid built

- Some users have said that the Unlock code is a 50/50 risk! sometimes it dont work ( i belive its 70/30 Sucess chance!)

- After using this, I still miss my OSD , Moto G feels slightly weaker and slower the OSD Processor is better and i feel its more faster! and slightly zippyer 

- Screen - I find no difference between them both very similar cant tell the difference. 

- No HDMI output


The Ugly !!!!

- Moto G camera is RUBBISH compared to OSD very very poor for a 5mp! No 1080p

- NO Micro SD Card BUT i believe the OSD has more free internal space available!!!

- Both NO REMOVABLE Battery



Overall i would say If you have a Good case and take EXCELLENT care and (NOT a clumsy person who drops their phone)  and takes Lots of Pictures! I would say KEEP the OSD. 


If you drop your phone alot, have a poor power button, love to Mod/root/room don't mind the poor camera get the Moto G. 


Enjoy :) :D  If you have more questions or want to know more about the Moto G ! Ask me! :D

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