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Minor storage problem (bet been asked before, so, sorry)

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I have a chinese tablet, the Sanei N10 with built in 3G

Been using it for almost a year now and love it.


OK so single core CPU lowish RAM and Adreno GPU, but does what I want 98% the time.


Anyway the issue is:


The same as many really app space.


Internal storage: 1.32GB plus 1.76GB

The 1.76GB being classed as SD card.


apps2SD and similar apps only move apps to this 1.76GB part of the internal storage.


I have a 32GB ext SD card in the tablet.


I looked about and seen some talk of rooting then can move apps to ext SD


Not sure how to root this tablet, if its even possible.


I can not update the megapolis app as not enough space. (have now deleted few apps to make room)

I have 124 apps on the tablet, some came with it I cannot remove.


Im not a programmer, I like to tinker but not good at it (3 bricked tablets at home).


Anyone else have this tablet or have moved apps to ext SD before?

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