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So, I dun goofed...

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Well, after a little too much adventurous experimentation with bringing KK to the Hudl, I made a bad mistake and ended up "hard bricking" so to speak, (I say hard bricking as the Hudl is in a permanent recovery/flash mode state and is always met by erase idb errors when trying to reflash the device). Now, as I can't find any documentation on the nand/emmc (Samsung klmag2we4a-a001 by the looks of things), I have no idea on how to erase the NAND or put it into a mask rom mode (Some RK3188 users were doing this on devices with Hynix NAND), I'm not quite sure what to do now with the device. I'm considering contacting samsung in hope of receiving some kind of specific datasheet/pinout but aside from that, I'm left with a hudl shaped paperweight for now.




(If anyones curious about the KK port. Yeaaaah,it didn't go so great, I did get the Pipo U8 kk build barely running though for anyone interested!)

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Hi Justice™,

Thank you for taking the time to look into, and trying to bring KK to our Hudl's (i'd still bet your version would of come quicker than Tesco's) and sorry to hear you've ended up with a brick in the process.... :(

How bad does it look, does it look like you've played around with it... Or could you play dumb and take it back to Tesco's and say "we was watching a film, and all of a sudden it shut down..... and this is now all we see it do"  blah blah blah "Can I have a new one please???" and see what they do...??

If it boots up into ClockWorkMod, then I guess ya can't really get around that... But if ya presented with a lot of jibberish, that doesn't show any signs of KK (more recent Android) then I'd play dumb to it all, and see if they'd swap it???

Got nowt to lose, and everything to gain... ;)

Cheers, Lister

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