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[UL.TO & more mirrors added] Xolo & Orange ICS ZIPs, root/unroot tools for Win/Lin

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Crazy Poké Fan

Crazy Poké Fan


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Consider it done; see modified OP :)

Thanks for your shared! The XOLO Gingerbread rom can be used? Through rec brush into?

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Thanks glossywhite !!!

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You're all most welcome indeed. It's a nice change to have polite, courteous responses - I'll reply to those, because they're kind and worth the reply. Manners cost nothing, but some people seem not to grasp that... it's a pity, but I keep smiling :) - if they've never been filled with kindness and love, I suppose there's nothing to give out; no problem :)

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When you get to experience a sensibly priced "budget" Android phone such as the Moto G, it suddenly becomes *much* clearer as to just *how* many corners were cut on the San Diego; it really is quite appalling.

I was sent a Moto G review sample, and within minutes I was totally blown away by how incredible an experience it is, and how solid and slick the build quality feels, especially considering the negligible price of £99 (8Gb).

Xolo had such an amazing opportunity to get this phone right a decent demonstration of what the Medfield platform could do, but utterly failed at it by messing up every conceivable aspect and designing something which feels disposable and gaudy; a real pity really, considering HOW right Motorola have got the Moto G.

I'm so smitten with it, I'm selling my new San Diego in order to fund the Moto G, before the inevitable happens; it falls apart and loses any resale value.


I do agree that the Moto G is much better - but it is also a year younger, so I am not sure that is a fair comparison. 


And even so, the hardware of the San Diego was actually quite good. The speakers are much better than the Moto G or any other phone I have tried, the display is great, and the shape is very elegant (unlike the Moto G). 


There are a few downsides: reliability, battery life, camera, and software support. In fact I think it is the lack of software support (4.0, seriously?) that pretty much killed the platform and also Intel's ambitions for the mobile market. In this industry you just cannot afford a misstep like this one.  

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