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[ROM][MIUI_V5_MULTILANGUAGE] MIbladeUI_V5_4.8.8 update , N909 port for Blade V

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Hello, great work, can you still work on higher versions of miui?
i use 4.8.8 (mail app it's a breeze vs 4.2)

also , can you integrate please Flash Player in System Apps? (i can copy them and then flash again)

and AdAway , as inapp security gives FC on block advertisers
https://f-droid.org/...g.adaway_51.apk (needed in System App .. could not install unless flashed by zip)

The default Browser i could not find either , i can tell you it's like Internet Explorer for windows .. NEEDED by OTHER apps, that's also a small req.
Viper4 android FX ?

In rest it's ok, i dont care about free ram .. ram is there to be used.. not to be free (i dont play games on zte blade v) , to play games use PC / Tablet , etc.. not phone
Phone is for Emails (on the go) and Calling People (or get calls) not play games . and ocasionally GPS..

(Edit: Clock App: add timezone not in english)

Thank you for your precious time given to the comunity..

Hi , my friend , thank you for your kind words.
I'm also Miui fan , and i agree with you about free ram and gaming , this is a phone for sure but some users wanted to play heavy games on their phones and i respect them.

About , flash player ...
Move it in system/app/ .. manualy , cause if i put it to system/app/ then it will not work and you must install it again.
For viper4 android FX and miui browser , yes i can add them to the rom.
For adaway , you can try to add it in system/app/ and give permissions ( rw-r--r-- ) , though you can check this thread also ... http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1916098

Clock and some other apps need some more translation , i will check it ...
Thanks , again !!!!

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