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Help!!! technically imcompitent

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Hi guys,

I am really interested in what is going on here, i have my SPV and am finding my way around it (fantastic piece of kit)
I am however technically baffled by some of the info that is on the site, items such as syntax or xml ect.
Is there an idiots guide to all of this as i would love to contribute to this forum but feel a little lacking.

On top of this can anyone recommend a way of converting music into MP3's and video in to moves for the phone.

Sorry to sound a bit dim :oops:



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There isn't a guide a such yet, but if you do a search around the forum then you will find some links. for movie's look at the post about creating movie's in 18 easy steps in this forum. as for making mp3's search google for cd ripping software, you will get loads of results and it is a very simple process. Sorry my post is i bit vague, but i'm using my smartphone to post this and it would take me years to get links and such for you.

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Who moderates the moderators?




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I hope this is NOT the only way you access this forum.... with 110 posts, lol.

As for the actual question: I didn't have a F. clue what half of these things were all about. Just do it step-by-step and learn as you go. Found a problem - have a look for the solution. It's easy to pick up. As for things like XML - have a look on MS website for Smartphone - it's a pain, and if you don't work it out - eventually there will be a program that makes the process easy.

Try reading as much as you can regarding general issues. I for one went through most of the posts - if it was relevant/interesting I read it, if not....

It's hard to answer your question really - too vague. I posted a quick Intro as a reply to a post in Main part (called something like spv newbie or something - someone asking for spv introduction).

You have to look for an answer in the posts to specific questions. If you don't find one - post a Q. yourself, but you need to be more specific.

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