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First 48 Hours with a smartphone

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What is A Smartphone?
Microsoft® Windows® Powered Smartphone opens a new chapter in mobile phone technology by combining the best of mobile voice and data communications with the best of personal information management software. Smartphone delivers a rich set of applications, highly integrated telephony functionality and an open development platform. Mobile phones built on the Smartphone platform offer both voice and text communication; and rich wireless data applications in one easy-to-use device as well as making it a truly personal and powerful mobile phone for both work and leisure.

Like the Pocket PC, Smartphone is based on Microsoft® Windows CE 3.0, a powerful real-time operating system for embedded systems. Smartphone is optimized to deliver the best possible voice and text messaging communication experience in a handset mobile phone that meets customers' expectations for cost, size, performance parameters, and aesthetic design. (Source www.microsoft.com)

What is this big 'G' on the top of the display?
The G indicated you are in an area which supports GPRS, the small G on Signal Strength Indicator means you are currently connected via GPRS. Press red hang-up key to disconnect.

How do I close an application?
In theory you shouldn't need to. Memory demanding applications (ie games) usually have 'Exit' option on them or unload from memory when you leave the game. Other applications reside in memory untill some other software demands the resources and Windows SmartPhone automatically unloads idle applications from memory. Alternatively there are Task Manager utilities availible that allow you to force applications to exit.

How do I format the memory card?
Simply insert the unformatted card into the phone, and it should ask if you want to format it. If the card is already formatted the option to format will not appear.

How do I get activesync to recognise my phone?
Install activesync 3.7 or 3.8 (bugs fixed) on your pc.
After installing connect your phone with the cradle.
A wizard pops up and asks for the device name you want to use.
Folow the instructions in the wizard.
And you're done.

Where can I get free applications and games?
or check out the MoDaCo Downloads section

Where can I buy games and applications?

What is 'Radio Off' or 'Aeroplane On'?
This simply turns off the 'phone' functions, so you can use the PDA features in hospitals,planes etc. (but check with the staff first!)

The Meaning of the light colour?
Green: Fully Charged, and receiving power.
Amber: Charging.
Flashing Green: Running off battery.
Flashing Red: Low Battery warning.
Red: VERY low battery.
Blue: Bluetooth is on

How do I remove the card?
Push the card in, and it will spring out, Do NOT try to pull it out!
Newer Smartphones hide the card under the battery

When setting the internet connection to automatic, the phone will not connect when off the cradle?
Go back into Data Connections - click.. "Menu", then "Edit Connections"
In "Dial-up Connections" change the "Orange CSD WAP" entry so it connects to "WAP Network".
In the "GPRS connections" change the "Orange WAP" entry so it connects to "WAP Network".

Do alarms sound if the phone is powered off?
Nope, the phone must be powered on for alarms to sound.

Can I make my alarm repeat itself?
Yes, but you will need an Aplication Unlocked phone with PHM Registry Editor installed.
Using registry editor go to:-
HKEY_CURRENT_USER<Click on 'values' and choose 'script'
replace the value data with the following: av0pw3r
Click done.(source: Eran, MoDaCo)

My alarm goes off even though I have switched it off!
This is caused by setting the alarm without switching the alarm off. to correct you have to put the time back to the setting it was at, then switch the alarm on and off again. you can then change the time back to what you want.

What is application decertification?
The spv/ spv E100 et seq are delivered in a 'application lcoked' state, basically this means that only programs specially signed can run on the phone, and since you have to pay for signing this virtually eliminates freeware.

Orange have since changed there policy, now 'developers' can application decertification there spv's, meaning the phone can run programs, but still have no access to the network part of the phone. This allows games, etc to be run on the phone. Utilities such as task managers and explorers have since been reliesed, making the phone much more usable, and much more fun!

Application decertification is carried out by people who wish to develop programs on there spv (i have friends who dont develop but have unlocked there phones)
Decertification is done by going to http://www.developers.orange.com/workingwith/2003/03/04/Unlocking/
then click on get your phone unlocked here, and enter the details required. you can recertify your phone here too.

As the Mitac Mio is not produced with Orange, you cannot use the OTA method to unlock this phone.

How do i add lots of words quickly into the t9 dictionary?
Start a new email in outlook (on pc), add all the words you want adding to the t9 dictionary (very quick to type on pc compared to smartphone aswell)
now save this message
Close it, and then copy the message out of the drafts folder into the inbox folder
Now sync this mail with the phone.
select the message and select 'forward', but dont actually send it anywhere, instead select 'postpone'. and this will save it into the drafts folder.
I think i then had to open this message again from the draft folder, but it then added all these words to the t9 dictionary, and you can sync up this mail whenever you wish, even after a Hard Reset.

How do I change the order of items in the Programs menu?
The list of items is in alphabetical order, apart from the first four items - which are fixed. To change the order of non-fixed items, hook up your Orange SPV to your PC, explore to the IPSMWindowsStart menu and change the names to start with 1 - or a -. (Source Orange.com)

What is a simlock?
A simlock is a Phone feature provided for the operators to 'enforce loyalty' on customers. If the handset is SIM-locked you will not be able to use SIM cards of a different network. This is a way of securing the cash that went on subsidising your handset by keeping you on current network - usually for the contract period after which you can claim the unlock code and remove the lock. The SIM Lock of the handset can be removed, using software, this is not illegal but may void warranty and any insurance claims.

What is a pincode?
Do not confuse SIM-lock with PIN-code which is the security measure on the SIM card to prevent unauthorised access to your 'mobile number' and address book on sim. If PIN security is set to ON it will ask for the code (in any handset) before connecting to the network and allowing use of any telephony features. NB: SPV does not use SIM card for storing contacts/numbers, it uses internal memory of the phone.

What is a DeviceCode?
This is a code used to lock the smartphone device, it prevents unauthorised syncing of data and phone use. You activate it by tapping the power button once, and selecting 'Device Lock', it will prompt you for a code if you have not already set one.

Should I occasionally let the battery drain out?
To keep your SPV or SPV e100 battery in good shape regularly charge it to full capacity before it runs down. The topping up of your battery can be undertaken whenever you like but a longer service life will be achieved by recharging when it gets fairly low. There is no 'memory effect' on Li-Ion batteries.

Should I buy a second hand battery?
As a word of advise Li-Ion batteries go bad whether used or not and as such have a typical life of 2-3 years (so only buy new SPV batteries).

What type of battery does the SPV/SPVe100 have?
The SPV and SPV e100 phones both use Lithium Ion or Li-Ion batterys.

Why does my phone's screen keep coming on when charging?
The SPV and SPV e100 phones both use Lithium Ion or Li-Ion batterys that should be managed differently from NiCad or NiMH batteries, in particular, Li-Ions cannot possibly be run flat, this is as a result of electronics contained inside each Li-Ion battery. These electronics monitor the battery's remaining charge to turn off the phone when it reaches a preset minimum and also stop any overcharging taking place so as to ensure that overheating does not occur. Overheating would be a potentially dangerous problem were it to occur in a Li-Ion battery as a Lithum metal would be produced which would burn in water resulting in a fire hazard! As a result of these electronics the SPV and SPV e100's batterys can clearly be seen to be turning charging on and off when a full charge has been achieved, most noticably the screen will come on everytime that the charge is again initiated (this is the reason that the phone's screen keeps coming on when the phone is charging).

Can I use an SPV battery on an SPV-e100 or vice versa?
No, the batteries are incompatible.

What is the speakerphone?
The speakerphone allows you to use your phone literally handsfree by optimising the integrated speaker on the handset. When activated the handset may be placed on a desk while you speak into it from upto a distance of approximatly 2 metres away.

How do I turn on Speakerphone?, it's not in the profiles list?
While in a call, press and hold the green answer button and you will be switched to handsfree speakerphone mode. Press and hold the same button again in order to switch back to standard use.

I cannot send email, but I can recieve it, why?
The outgoing mail server (SMTP) must be set to smtp.orange.net for Orange customers. This is because your e-mail provider (ie: smtp.btinternet.com) may not accept external connections to prevent spam from malicious users.

I need an 'underscore' for some of my friends' emails. Where is it?
Underscore and a range of other useful symbols can be found by holding down the hash key - # - while inputting emails and text messages. (source Orange.com)

SPV does not check for new mail, after I restart the phone?
You must do a manual send and recieve first, then it will check at the intervals set in Automatic Synchronisation.

How do I access my hotmail Account on the smartphone?
Use either of these urls :
http://www.MoDaCo.com/hotmail/ (Note: this is a pre-optimised version that will be updated in the future)

How do I remove email from my POP3 server once I have downloaded it?
Once you delete emails on your phone, you need to leave them in the Deleted Items folder before you Send & Receive Mail again. Then next time you replicate, the emails will be deleted from your server and your phone's Deleted Items folder. (If you delete an email on your phone and clear out the Deleted Items folder before replicating...the email will not be deleted from the server and download again upon the next replication.)
NOTE: SMS messages in the deleted folder are also cleared off of the phone when this iservice is running. Strange but true. I guess it thinks they're emails already deleted from the server.

How do I sync with multiple mail acounts?
You can only sync with one email account at a time in the Smartphone Pocket Outlook in the 2002 OS. You can download several email clients from 3rd party vendors, but these do not have ALL the functionality of Pocket Outlook.

Where do i put ringtones on my spv?
If you are wishing to put ringtones on your phone (not the sd card) then put them in \IPSM \Application Data \Sounds
Note: You may have to create the Sounds folder as it is not present on brand new phones or after a Hard Reset.
Note2: Most models now have a permanent Sounds folder and IPSM was renamed Storage in the 2003 OS.
Note3: You can now also store ringtones (but not alerts) on the Storage Card or in the My Documents folder on the Strorage Card.

My ringtones disappear when i restart my phone, what have i done wrong!?
You have probably stored them in the /windows folder on the phone, this directory is checked and rewritten when the phone reboots, deleting the ringtones.

How do I assign ringtones to a contact
Open contacts, scroll down to the contact you want to assign ringtone to.
Select Menu>Edit then scroll down all the options until you find 'Custom ring tone.
Choose ringtone from list.

Where are my Voice Recordings stored?
IPSMMy DocumentsNotes

How do i use the voice dialling?
There is NO voice dialling built into the HTC smartphones, but Fonix produce a software voice dialler.

How do I record a telephone conversation?
Due to legal issues and privacy issues, this is not possible on current smartphones.

How do I play polyphonic tones?
Unfortunately this function is not available.

Smartphone 2002 does not support Bluetooth, however, Microsoft have implemented such support in Smartphone 2003. Jabra currently produce a bluetooth headset that uses a special adapter to work with non-bluetooth phones. http://www.jabra.com/products/FreeSpeak_nonBluetooth.htm

How do i know how long a text is (character counter)
With the newer OS updates you see a counter in the top right of the screen, depending on the update, you may have to type a number in the cc box to start the counter.

Can i write messages from computer/ can i copy texts to computer?
using 3rd party applications :
SendSMS can be used to send sms's from the pc via the phone
sms2mail can be used to move your sms's into outlook.

How do i use the radio?
The "Radio" reffered to in the "Quick List" menu (accessed by pressing the power button quickly) refers to the phone reception as opposed to any FM/AM radio function. As such some software versions contain an "Aeroplane" function as opposed to a "Radio" function as turning the Radio off stops any phone reception whilst allowing the non-telephone side of the handset to function without interfeering with a plane or hospital's equipment.(as long as you can convince the staff)

Can I use PocketPC software or other CE based software on Smartphone2002?
Depends on the application, some work, most don't (they need to be compiled for the ARM processor.

What is MMS
MMS stands for multi media service and is available on many of the newly released handsets. It allows you to send pictures, sounds and text as one message to compatible handsets.

My MMS doesn't send to other networks
This is a common problem and is a problem with the networks, not nescessarily the handset. Cross network multi media messaging isn't fully supported at the moment and often messages appear as links to websites where the other user can view the message on the internet.

I get an error while trying to send an MMS
Verify you have network coverage and a GPRS consumer package enabled on your account as well as the MMS service itself. This can easily be verified with a quick call to the customer services department of your network. If you do not have it enabled, they will send you the appropriate sim updates which add the service to your phone. Also ensure your mms recipient's number contains no spaces and is international format "+442389743498".

What is this GPRS thing I keep hearing about?
The General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a nonvoice service that allows information to be sent and received across a mobile telephone network. It supplements today's Circuit Switched Data and Short Message Service. GPRS is NOT related to GPS (the Global Positioning System), a similar acronym that is often used in mobile contexts.

Theoretical maximum speeds of up to 171.2 kilobits per second (kbps) are achievable with GPRS using all eight timeslots at the same time. This is about three times as fast as the data transmission speeds possible over today's fixed telecommunications networks and ten times as fast as current Circuit Switched Data services on GSM networks. By allowing information to be transmitted more quickly, immediately and efficiently across the mobile network, GPRS may well be a relatively less costly mobile data service compared to SMS and Circuit Switched Data.

GPRS facilitates instant connections whereby information can be sent or received immediately as the need arises, subject to radio coverage. No dial-up modem connection is necessary. This is why GPRS users are sometimes referred to be as being "always connected". Immediacy is one of the advantages of GPRS (and SMS) when compared to Circuit Switched Data. (Source Gsmworld.com)

What is a Sim Update?
A sim update is a message sent from your network provider which contains settings that can alter settings on your phone or account. For example, a sim update call place a bar on your handset preventing outgoing and even incoming calls if there is an outstanding bill on your account. Another example is, a sim update can be sent to your handset to enable a network dependant feature such as International roaming or GPRS.

What do I do with a Sim Update?
Simply read the message and delete it, switch the phone off and then switch it back on again. Sim updates can often automatically become effective as soon as they are read so if you haven't paid your bill, chances are the sim update will restrict your services regardless of if you reboot your device or not.

Are sim updates harmful?
In theory they are potentially harmful as they have the ability to change any network dependant setting on your phone. However as they are only sent from the network providers there is little risk of any actual damage being caused.

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