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File Name :: XPhone XP

Author :: AdrianFRST

Category :: Computer

Description ::


- Original Xphone background and 13 more.

- RJ Shortcut bar launching Messenger, Settings, Tasks+ and SmartExplorer.

- XP icons included in exe file.


The second in my series of not-very-original-but-still-nice homescreens that I do mainly for myself but like to share.

This one is based on the orignal O2 Xphone homescreen as seen on www.myxphone.com


I'm not even sure if this made it to the production phones but I managed to assemble a replica with the same colour scheme and even the man sitting on wall background, which was suprisingly easy to find (the orignal full size, not direct off an Xphone).

It's not the best laid out of screens, but I'm a sucker for "official" style screens so I like it.


Note you'll need Tasks+ and SmartExplorer. If you don't use these then you'll need to edit the xml to link to the apps you do use for tasks and file management.

1. Download and extract the zip file.

2. Install the RJ shortcut plugin. Run rjsetup.exe in Windows or rjshortcut.ARM.CAB on the phone.

For Smartphone 2002 phones

3. Copy xphone_2002.home.xml, the background .jpgs and xpicons.exe to IPSMApplication DataHome

For Windows Mobile 2003 Phones

3. Copy xphone_2003.home.xml, the background .jpgs and xpicons.exe to StorageApplication DataHome

That's it!

Updated Tue, Jan 25 2005 4:03 pm

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Perhaps you would need this. More original :)

For Mitac 8380 owners who would like to include the MMS plugin, insert the following line of code.

<!-- Sean Add for MMS Unified Shell-->

	<plugin clsid="{0fa70d3c-d4b1-499c-b5cc-24ba3f7f3905}" ><!--name="jMMScount" height="18"-->


 	 <format state="selected" bgcolor="COLOR_HOMEHIGHLIGHT"/>



 	 <text lang="0x0409" color="#000000">MMS</text>

 	 <text lang="0x0809">MMS</text>



	<!-- END-->


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slightly off topic, but i notice your reminder on the screenshot refers to ISAN, are you meaning the electronic music artists ISAN or am I completely on the wrong track? :roll:

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This is because I've used the long date format in the XML, you can either chance the date format in your settings or edit the XML line "" to read "".


Yep, the same Isan / ISAN / I.S.A.N. are you a fan?

I was going to bid for a promo copy of Meet Next Life but only if it was going cheap, since I already have the vinyl.

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