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Delphi and RAPI (RAPI.pas fixed and included)

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Not sure where to put this so please move to a more appropriate section if needed :)

I recently wanted to use Delphi to create some software which interacts with my Smartphone (E100), looking around the internet led me to RAPI.pas but this had no instructions and two critical errors.

I've found and fixed the errors and made headway into communicating with my smartphone through Delphi applications.

(Fixed Delphi.pas attached in zip file)

There is little to no information to using RAPI and Delphi on the internet (that I could find after two days of searching) so I'm posting this here for others to benefit from :lol:

Simply add RAPI.pas to your Uses like this example:


 Windows, Messages, SysUtils, Variants, Classes, Graphics, Controls, Forms,

 Dialogs, StdCtrls, ComCtrls,  RAPI;

You will initially need to connect to your device, using CeRapiInit is not recommended as your program can hang if no device is connected.

Instead use CeRapiInitEx, I use the following code (placed on a button press here) which I converted from a C++ example:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);


ri : TRapiInit;


dwRet : DWORD;


ri.cbSize :=  sizeof(ri);

hRes := CeRapiInitEx(ri);

dwRet := WaitForSingleObject(ri.heRapiInit, 5000);

if ((dwRet <> WAIT_OBJECT_0) OR (SUCCEEDED(ri.hrRapiInit) = FALSE))then begin

  // Could not initialize Rapi



 // else you are connected!


and of course once you have finished what you need to do call CeRapiUninit to close the connection.

I'll add more if anyone will find it usefull but the above (with the fixed RAPI.pas) is enough to get you started :lol:


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请辨解我的消息, 我翻译了它与Babelfish 。 特尔斐可能只被使用开发可能与Smartphone 相处融洽的个人计算机应用, 如果您希望开发实际Smartphone 软件您将需要使用嵌入视觉C++ 或嵌入Visual.basic 。 如果您想要开发个人计算机应用我能possably 协助您由提供代码样品:)

and in English...

Please excuse my message, I have translated it with Babelfish.

Delphi can only be used to develop PC applications that can interact with the Smartphone, if you wish to develop actual Smartphone software you will need to use eMbedded Visual C++ or eMbedded Visual Basic.

If you want to develop a PC application I can possably assist you by providing code samples :lol:

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