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Sega GG + Nintendo GameBoy emulator for SP beta test

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Hi Larry,

Will your latest beta for SmartGear contain the fix that you put in sometime in early 2010 that resolved the scratching audio issue with the Genesis ROM Might and Magic 2 running on the Qualcomm MSM7201 chipsets? Unfortunately, the subsequent builds saw the reintroduction of this scratching audio issue. Would you be able to devote some time to finally resolving this audio issue with that one particular ROM?


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Hi Larry,

I went back to my archived versions of SmartGear, and discovered that 2.0.5 was the last version of SmartGear that did *not* lock in the Stereo and 16-bits audio settings when playing Genesis ROMs. Unfortunately, 2.0.5 only works on my phone if I set the year back to 2009, since the demo version expired. It appears that not locking in these two audio options allows me to successfully play Might and Magic 2 on my unlocked Palm Treo Pro phone, running on the Qualcomm MSM7200a chipset without any audio issues. My phone runs at 400MHz, and having the Stereo and 16-bits audio settings on just slows down the audio painfully.

Is there a way you can provide us with a non-expiring version of 2.0.5? Either that, or perhaps release a slight update to 2.0.18 which does *not* lock the Stereo and 16-bits audio settings for Genesis ROMs?


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I realize it has been quite a while, but the wait was worth it :)

I've got the Android version 99% finished and have released a public beta here:


Major features:

1) Previously played games gallery for quick access to your favorites

2) Supports GameShark and GameGenie cheats

3) Direct support of MOGA, Zeemote, SteelSeries Free, BGP-100

4) Pre-defined keys for Xperia Play, iCade, iMpulse, Gamestop controller

5) Customize key codes for any input device

6) Turbo mode allows 2-16x advance through (boring) intros (not on the free version)

7) Load/Save and auto-load of games (not on the free version)

8) Includes smart stretching algorithm to make low-res games look better

9) Allows head-2-head play of GameBoy and GameGear games on a single device

10) Rewind gameplay 4 seconds in case of a "fatal" error

11) Save a screenshot as a PNG file

12) Pauses the game properly when the focus is lost or a menu is opened

13) Renders in OpenGL at 60fps (as long as your machine can handle it)

14) Optionally drive the GUI from the wireless controller (e.g. open, start, quit, etc)


Larry B.

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Wow its been a long time. I have swtiched to iPhone but still have an Android device and will be trying this out soon!

Any plans for SNES and or GBA?

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