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Factory Reset E200

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It's called "Clear Storage" and may be in the Accessories or Orange folders. :)

Don't forget to backup your data first :wink:

...and make sure the battery is fully charged first

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What information is lost in doing a factory reset.

I would expect all photos, contacts, calendar entries & programs to be lost and homescreens, etc to revert.

But what about SIM unlock. Would my unlocked SPV E200 revert to orange or would it stay unlocked for my O2 pay & go SIM card?

Does it affect what is on the SD storage card?

Is "Clear Storage" function any different to Factory Reset?



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You're right about what you'll lose nut you can backup most things.

Calendar & Contacts can be re-synced with Outlook for example.

Photos & Ringtones etc can be saved by manually copying the relevant folders over to your PC prior to hard resetting.

I would set my camera to save directly onto the storage card in any case and similarly would always install third party software to the card. What applications came pre-loaded will be restored by the ROM. The hard reset won't touch your SD card but I believe the phone needs something in the slot when it goes through the procedure.

SIM-unlocking is unaffected but you would need to application unlock again.

Hard reset does more than the Clear Storage option but you need someoone cleverer than me to tell you what ! :)


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