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HTC Canary/Tanger (SPV E100/I-Mate SP/Qtek 7070)

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Processor: 132mhz OMAP 710

Memory: 16MB SDRAM 32MB ROM

Operating system: Smartphone 2002

Sim unlock:YES (See HERE)

App unlock:Network dependand - see below

Screen res: 65K

Memory card: SD/MMC

Camera: Clip on 0.3 mpx

Bluetooth: NO

JAVA: Not as standard

Joystick: 8 WAY

Bands: Tri

Orange UK

Rom Updates(Click for link)

1.6 (Current version)

1.5 (E100 release)

1.35 (Rleased before E100)

Application Unlock

Application Unlocking Link

Orange Denmark

1.3 Dec 24 2002

Orange Switzerland

1.50 Current

Orange Dutch



Orange France












Compiled by wmdevices.com

see something which is outdated? PM me!

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Uploading will not be possible, Qtek ROMs can only be obtained from the official site.

More than likely though this phone will not longer be supported due to it's old age.

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can you please re-upload qtek 1.50 for HTC Tanager.

if you have a full image of the rom it is much better.

thanks a lot...

Hi. I found Qtek 7070 rom I was looking for it a lot of time, and it work's ;)

It's compatibile with Orange SPV ( Tested :) )HTC Tanager, i-Mate Smartphone, Smart Amazing, etc...

If You have to download this ROM, this is the link -> Qtek ROM :)


P.S. It's full unlocked :P and english as automatic language. There is softwere to Botloader modyfication in archiwe, because You will probably have to use it :D

Best Regards :(

Edited by gutek85

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I've had a good hunt round but not been able to locate the ROM you are after.

Unfortunately it is getting a bit too old but if I can find anything I will let you know.

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