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Olive Tree Bible Reader For Smartphone

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Hi to all. I've been away for quite a while and nice to post here after a few months of hibernation :) Yeah I still got my smartphone with me, the old SAP 1.

Anyway, I've found a wonderful software that you might be interested in:

The Smartphone Bible Reader

The current release however doesn't have an installer yet. You have to copy the files individually to Smartphone, and create folders / shortcuts to get it working. I'm working with the author to make a Smartphone installer out of the standalone exe.

Surely I've already made an installer for this :wink:

Note that this is release F083 9/19/2004 (BibleReader+.exe and reference bible files are official but the installers aren't).

Olive Tree Bible Reader ASV SP Setup.exe

Olive Tree Bible Reader ASV SP.cab

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spv_man! pre musta? good to hear from you again! :)

Ive been using this OliveTree Bible fro several months na....wala ngang installer, copy-and-paste files lang pero okay naman. Looking forward for the installer, spv_dman! Pa-PM narin :lol:


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Updated -> Version F314, Released 02/02/05

February 2, 2005

- BibleReader F314 New!

- Fixed the Search form not clearing

- Added in menu commands to select the active window (2 windows are supported)

- Added support for all deuterocanonical books in the Verse chooser

December 21, 2004

- BibleReader F221

- Should fix the exit issue, re-paints issues.

December 18, 2004

- BibleReader F220

- Should fix the exit issue, re-paints, and

- adds bookmark go to on the left action menu key.

December 14, 2004

- BibleReader F218

- Fixed a few scrolling re-draw issues

- Fixed bookmark delete confirmation.

December 9, 2004

- BibleReader F216

- Fixed search field not clearing.

- Title bar now indicates which Bible and Reference location you are at.

- Fixed a few colors.

- Prompt before deleting a bookmark.

- Pressing Phone End can exit the BibleReader.

October 14, 2004

- BibleReader F107 released!

- Fixes for bookmarks, notes back button, search, sample text in proper color and font,

- More colors and Clear Type support.

- Bookmarks, Personal Notes, and options saved to a persistent location.

- Scrolling options: line, verse, chapter, book, screen for up/down and left/right

- In screen scroll mode, proper word wrap and scrolling is fixed

- Option for overlap one line on screen scrolling

- Verse format modes: automatic, paragraph, and verse

- Text size, foreground and background colors, and style can be set for each window

- Search, Find and Find Next Options with a few basic search ranges

- Split Window configuration options

- Up to 2 Bibles can be displayed at a time, will be handy for reference material

- With Split windows the bottom window is the focus window for Bible, verse location, font size, and colors

- Now supports eBooks

- Bookmarks

- Personal Notes

- Clear Type font quality support

for more info visit: http://www.olivetree12.com/smartphone/mssm.../smartphone.htm

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