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MPx220 Flashlight??

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Thanks genaldar....you're the man!! :)

np, but kissman actually found it (I'm not sure if he translated it as well), so he's the man.

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i worked in night and here is my work. Flashlight packed in CAB installer with bind to photo launch button. After install, phone must be restarted. Long press of photobutton start application with light default ON! 8) and now, i am going sleep... :)

<< http://kissman.xhosting.cz/Mobilnaut.cz%20...0by%20Silix.cab >>

for unlock your phone, use this sda unlock

<< http://rapidshare.de/files/16522716/SDA_Application.zip.html >>

Thanks a lot ! It works fine.

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Here are the steps (I'll add links for the files when I get home).

1. Run sda unlock from your pc while your phone is connected

2. copy the flashlight file to your phone

3. run flashlight to make sure it works

4. create a shortcut for the flashlight file (in file manager simply go to the file and highlight it, select menu, file, create shortcut and choose to place the shortcut in smartphone/storage/windows/start menu or smartphone/storage/windows/start menu/accessoires)

The flashlight zip (or 7z or rar or whatever) will contain a couple of different files. One where the light doesn't turn on automatically when you start the application and one where it does.

I'll just attach them here.

Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect Perfect :D

Thanks a lot, I was looking for an app like that for weeks and no one seemed to work.

After using sda unlock on it, it works fine :)

Oh btw, I'm using ROM (I bought my MPx220 last month, and I'm still learning about this things)

Thanks :D

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