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i700 Happiness

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I've been the resident phone/pda geek at my office for some time now. Many come to ask me for advice which is really difficult to give as everyone has different preferences and tastes.

In our area, Verizon is the number one carrier do the two options for devices are the i600 Smartphone or the i700 PPCPE.

I've had both and both have their benefits. But it all comes down to what you need it for. For me...the smartphone will do.

For some of the sales folks who dont want to lug around laptops into every meeting, I recommend the i700 for email and built in Word and Excel viewing and Editing.

The camera on the i700 is great in good lighting and the lense is protected by the swivel feature.

the screen is bright and clear indoors (though very washed out outdoors in direct sunlight).

The thin battery makes the phone very thin and light where you almost forget it's size. But you really need the extended battery if you want to get any real usage out of it, lasting beyond the day or even the next at times depending on usage. (Though I charge every night so it's hard for me to tell honestly....but the one or two times I did miss the nightly charge, I was fine all the next day.)

Voice Dial (Just like on the Smartphone i600) ROCKS!!! You can reassign your record button to immediately launch the app where you can dial ANY number in your phone book by voice without EVER having to train the names into the system. It's been correct 99.9% of the times I used it with the rare exception of some non-phoenetically pronounced names. You can even digit dial and launch apps. All-in-all, an excellent application.

I was sad to see it go....but I'm not a rich man....so when it's time to move on to a new device (which seems like every 3 to 6 months, I sell my old device at a slight loss and get the new one) Sometimes I even make money. I love EBAY!

If you need a PPCPE under Verizon and you dont mind the ever so slight bulk....the i700 is a great choice.

Hopefully, Verizon/Samsung will release PPCPE2003 early 2004 for the device which will tidy up some little bugs soon. (Like the lack of automatic/periodic email send/receive via POP3...for example).

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From memory...I'd say it was twice as long.

I always charge at night so I cant give you a total duration time. I may have even missed a charge and have never had that battery run out. Your milage may vary.

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How long does the extended battery go on compared to the regular ?


According to Samsung....

Talk Time: 2.2 hours with standard battery; 4.2 hours with extended battery.

Standby Time: 130 hours with standard battery; 240 hours with extended battery.

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I was thinking about getting one of these. It sounds like you really enjoy yours. That's good to hear.

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