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GPRS Problems - M2000

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Is it possible to;

a) stop the GPRS turning on when an internet connection is needed and Wifi is not immediately available :?:

:( turn GPRS off without having to switch WiFi on :?:

c) turn GPRS off permanently :?:

I've been stung for excessive traffic charges before without realising I was connected and would like to avoid this with my new M2000

Cheers for the advice in advance :)

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what i did to counter the GPRS activation is click on the Signal Bars at the top

go to settings

then where it says

Manage my Network Connections click that

then i just created my own one that is dialing 0000000

set this all up and make it the default one in the list (with the filled in O and then voila you have no gprs but you can jus change it bk to the other one if you wish to use it at any time :)

hope this helps

if ya need nethin else just ask :(


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There is a task manager on the phone already. Go to Settings:System:Memory:Running Programs.

Normally its activesync on the phone that keeps attempting to dial up. Make sure that you have active aync on the phone set to manual.

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i think he meant that he wants a shortcut either in the start menu or as a button to go straight to the Memory Running Programs section

i have looked for half an hour but can't find nething although i don't have resco file explorer installed so i can't see hidden files which might be why i can't find the file to make a link to it

will try in a bit when i re install it and let you know

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