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other m2000 suppliers?????

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i have ordered my spv m2000 from onestopphoneshop.com the other day for £134 but was told that i would have to wait for their next delivery (monday?), all seems well. However i let my criouosisty get the better of me and went to an orange business store in newcastle. The assistant seemed very knowledgable and helpful and gave me a demo of the m2000. I then let slip that i actually had one of these phones on order from another supplier, he then began to warn me that it is only ORANGE DIRECRT and RETAIL that can sell these phones first and that any other maybe "gray imports" or possibly not even orange badged or have non standard software on it..

is any of this true? onestopphoneshop.com seems to be ok and the advice i have had has been good, are they allowed to (or is it possible?) for them to sell the m2000 before orange? has anyone else bought one from this company and is it the same as the one's orange will (eventually!) sell?

i am really confused, should i cancel and wait for orange to sell me it (at a much higher price £250?)

thanks for help

d taylor :?

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If you wait until after Xmas I think you will find that the M2000 are going to be more plentiful so I suspect that they will be available from more places.

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