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Streaming video - the most fun can have with your pda

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Got my m2000 a couple of weeks ago, and did the usual playing around with it, but not being a complete techie it took me a while to get round to using some of the features......anyway.......managed to get my wifi connection to my wireless LAN working, copying files, wifi sync etc but was struggling with one important feature i wanted to try, namely wifi streaming audio/video to my m2000 from files on my server.

I trawled through various net locations and it seems easy if you want to copy the files to the pda and play, but all seemed a bit complex to wifi stream. Even downloaded a few trial programs from handango that purported to stream to pocket pc but couldn't get them to do it.

Anyway, came across a tutorial that uses windows media encoder and now its all works a treat (watching spiderman 2 in the back garden) .

If anyones interested the tutorial is at Encoder tutorial

and it really works. I'm using windows media encoder 9 which makes it even more simple and takes care of everything for you, even allowing streaming direct from the files rather than running the file and streaming from the screen image/sound card feed.

Only problem is that you have to start the whole process off using encoder on the desk unit, now does anyone know of a fully integrated solution that will allow the windows media on the pda to select the track list over the LAN (I suppose i could use one of the remote control programs it pushed).

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Personally I like to encode with PocketEncoder and view with Betaplayer. Ican do this on an Airplane (view with betaplayer) and I do not neet a wifi connection. thanks for the link as all this is interesting.

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Ive found a much easier way. Put all your music and videos in a folder on your desktop and set this up as a shared folder. Connect to your network using wifi. Use rosco file explorer to map your network drives. Your folder will now appear in file explorer on your m2000 under my network. Simply click on the song or video you want and it is automatically streamed and played on your mobile device. no need to use encoder or any fancy remote software!

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