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Working software for ppc2003se phoneedition,

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share your experiences with software:

One that doesn't work correct on my mda compact:

Lakeridge Software WisBar Advance v2.0.1.2. (newest)

All the ppc functions work flawlessly, only prob. is when recieving a phonecall; the phone turns on but doesn't give any physical notification (fibration or sounds) only after a softreset will it function normally again.

Turned on device(without wisbar on) called it and every thing works, then I start wisbar. call the device nothing happens only onscreen notification but no sounds or the "incomming call image" just a blinking topscreen notification (on the taskbar). tested it with the unit on. same result.

when you then remove the program from memmory it still won't function normally. So after a softreset it's back to normal.

To make a long story short: Crap :(

Any other programs that do work :)

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pocket informant (which everybody should own) works perfectly. it even works with the screen orientation thingy.

calligrapher is perfect. and the best pen input thing i have found.

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