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File Name :: Pocket Control PC - PC 1.1

Author :: Kingherc

Category :: Tools - Productivity

Description ::

I focused for a long time on creating a new free program for Windows (Mobile 2003). This program is intended for controling remotely a PC with the help of a device like Smartphones, PCs or Pocket PCs. It's source is also available and any developper could help!

Pocket Control PC is divided in two programs, both essential for it to work. One program is called the client and the other the host. The host program is Pocket Control PC - PC and always runs on a PC. The client one is Pocket Control PC - NetCF which runs on Smartphones 2003, Pocket PCs 2003 and PCs. When both programs are run and connected, the remote user can send commands to the PC which are then executed. The current commands supported pertain to the following:

# Mouse and Scroll commands: The remote user is able to control the PC's mouse (and mouse's vertical scroll).

# Keyboard commands: The remote user is able to control the PC's keyboard. All usual keys are supported. Current keyboard layout is US (extended - with media/browser/application keys e.g. next/previous track). The remote user can normally change languages in Windows.

# Input text & keystrokes: The remote user can input text and keystrokes for the PC.

# Input Mouse location: The remote user can input coordinates to move the PC's mouse.

For the connection between the device and the PC, the TCP/IP protocol is used. Microsoft's Activesync connection is adequate (through many ways like cable, bluetooth, network etc). You can find more info in the programs' readmes.


# A PC which runs Pocket Control PC - PC (for Windows platforms). Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or later must be installed on the PC. You can download it at Microsoft's website.

# A device which runs Pocket Control PC - NetCF. Supported devices: Smartphones 2003 or later, Pocket PCs 2003 or later, PCs.

# Connection between PC and the device with TCP/IP. Microsoft's Activesync connection is adequate.

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These two programs are brilliant.

Now I can make my phone as a remote control to my computer, combine with few programs I found before, then hooray?.

One thing I want to know is could you be more specific in ways to make a macro program? Perhaps an example? I am stuck on it.



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