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iMate to release HTC Alpine as 'iMate PDA 2'

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You heard it here first (again)...

iMate, first to market with the HTC Blue Angel (iMate PDA2K) and HTC Magician (iMate JAM) devices, are about to annouce their release of the HTC Alpine, (the critically acclaimed XDAIIi).

The device will be called the 'PDA2' (note, their PDA2K is already on sale - K stands for 'Keyboard'), and will feature Skype preloaded.

If you've been looking for a Tri Band, 128MB RAM, 520MHz Intel Powered, QVGA (boo!), WiFi enabled, 1.3MP Camera-PDA and don't want a keyboard... then maybe this is what you've been waiting for!

More information (including pics) coming shortly...



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Instead of : "and don't want a keyboard" I would rather say "and don't need built-in keyboard" because there is thumb-keyboard for this phone - the same as for Xda IIi and for Xda II ... and thumb keyboard is sometimes better than built-in - you don't have have to carry it everywhere if you don't need and you can more easily replace it!

Anyway: i-mate PDA2 sounds super and I am yet thinking eventually about BenQ P50 but... let's see...

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