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Imate III registry locking issue

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Hi All

This is for the Imate III users and gurus out there.

After much teeth gnashing, hair pulling and Im sure a few new wrinkles Ive come to this conclusion.

The Imate III appears to lock the today item registry key preventing modification of today settings even though you have deselected the today item. This seems to be locked until such times as you soft reset the device.

In some cases this effectively leaves the key in place even after the removal of the item using remove programs.

A couple of people have highlighted this when trying to upgrade from PPCProfiles to PPCProfiles-Pro. Wouldnt have been noticable except that I changed where I installed the application from the Windows directory to its own directory under Program Files.

What appears to be the fix is to deselect the plugin from the today screen. Then soft reset, then remove the program. After all this then install the new version.

BTW the Imate II doesnt have this problem. You still cant delete the programs main key until soft reset but the today manager does do its thing correctly in the today item part of the registry.

Any suggestions of what might be causing this and what would be the best way to tackle this would be very appreciated.



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