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Finally you can "have Bluetooth" on your Mitac!

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So, you bought a Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone without the Bluetooth Module installed? You can't PHYSICALLY do a connection over the Bluetooth, because you haven't the right hardware.

But your smartphone is SO expensive! Your friends can fool you if you tell that you paid over $400 for having a phone without Bluetooth! So, why, don't fool your friends instead?

This software SIMULATES the activation of a Bluetooth connection, it'll NEVER permits you to connect to a BT device.

But from now you can show the BT Enabled warning and finally say: "Now, I've enabled the BT, if your NOKIA can't send files to me, is NOKIA's fault! My phone is more perfect than yours ;)!"


*U.S. English


The program checks automatically phone's languages and adapt it. What happens if your language is different from these? I don't know. Maybe US English, because I've setted it as default language. Let me know. If your phone's language is setted to English, is impossible to run the software in Italian.


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On the evc++ 4.0 emulator the program can choose automatically from the two languages (here is from german/english), on my mio it doesn't.


even if i set the regional settings I get ALWAYS english....

maybe is my phone

maybe is because i'm a n00b ;)

but quite everyone is english, or no?

if an italian wants the italian version, just ask me, i'll give the monolingual :?:

it's quite the same

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