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Upgrade 10% hang problem!

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My SPV E200 is from Orange, the original ROM version is, the bootloader is 1.05

The UK upgrade is not OK. If I use the original VoUpgradeUt.exe, error 117 appears. So I searched Modaco and downloaded a fixed one, which can avoid 10% hang problem. The upgrade process can start normally, but the damn 10% hang problem is still exist.

Why? What can I do now?

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Problem solved!

The reason is that my phone is locked. The original software is cracked so I can use other network's SIM card. I've unlocked my E200 with imei-check.co.uk, too expensive I think.

After the unlocking, the upgrade process is fast and smooth. If you want to downgrade the ROM version or change to other vendor's ROM, you should use the fixed upgrade.exe

I've tried two ROMs, Orange and O2 Xphone (Traditional Chinese version), the version information are below:


Radio Version 1.12.04



Microsoft: 4.20.13288.0


File System: 4.20.13288.0


Radio Version 1.12.01



Microsoft: 4.20.13349.0


File System: 4.20.13349.0

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