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how to make themes + backdrops/homescreen

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hi to all.. this is my first ever guide (regarding customisation) posted up, so apologies in advance for any mistakes i may make!!

firstly to make themes - a ms program, which i read about in another thread, and i had the smartphone version!, is call theme generator and get it HERE.. this makes it straightforward to make themes and also has a preview as you make it...

that was basic info that evry1 knows already, i know :oops:

but this bit i took some time to figure out...

if you use a ppcpe to select a background using any app, how can you get a perfect image in landscape and portrait??

i had a look at the default ones (bliss and windows default) and the pictures in use are 'special' pics, which can display both formats (portrait/landscape) perfectly. but an ordinary pic cant, so you use the pictures/album to make a nice perfect background on portrait and then browse to the folder /windows and look for a file called 'stwater_240_320'. copy and paste it to my docs, or any other temporary location. then go back to the album/pictures and select a perfect landscape background (it will help if you put the device into landscape mode).. then all you have to do is cut and paste the file stwater_240_320 back into the windows folder..

now for the tehnical bits - in the windows folder there, normally, are two different files - stwater_240_320 and stwater_320_240. (some themes place an stwater aand an stwater_240_240, unsure about that ) :-k :-s , but any way as the file names state, the stwater_240_320 is for the device in portrait, and the stwater_320_240 is in landscape

just figured it out and excited.. so i thought i would write it - hope it is what ppl want and i havent wasted my time ](*,)

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